Commercial Cleaning Services

Many apartment communities hire cleaning services to really spruce up a vacant apartment before the next tenant moves in. This end of tenancy cleaning is mandatory in many places. When you move in to a new apartment you normally expect it to be clean and for it to smell fresh, that’s the purpose of the end of tenancy cleaning service. Some tenants will hire a company to clean their apartment when they vacate the premises to insure they get their deposit back. Spending sixty to $ 100 to get back a five hundred dollar deposit is well worth the investment.

Any cleaning services company can do the end of tenancy cleaning but most are insured commercially and do more vacant cleanings than domestic or occupied homes. They are professionals at making sure the apartment is in its best possible condition before the apartment is again occupied. Hiring a company to perform this service also benefits the apartment community by making each apartment more suitable to show to perspective tenants. Prospects are certainly more inclined to rent or lease a fresh, clean apartment.

For the cleaning services who take on the end of tenancy cleaning jobs, they are taking on quite a big job. They are required to make sure there are no spider webs in any crack or crevice; they must make sure all floors are clean and free of debris, they must leave the kitchen and bathrooms spotless, and that includes the oven, refrigerator and all of the cabinets. It can easily take a crew of three or four people as many four hours to do the very thorough cleaning that is required of end of tenancy cleaning jobs. Many cleaning services won’t take these jobs on due to their level of difficulty.

For these commercial types of cleaning jobs, the cleaning services that will do them are usually commercially insured for as much as two million dollars in damages.

This very high amount of coverage is required in most places just in case an accident occurs and damage is done to the apartment. The insurance pays out directly to the apartment community to cover any damages. This is the risk that every end of tenancy cleaning service must take.

In addition to end of tenancy cleaning, the commercial cleaning services provider is more likely to clean offices at night when are most likely to be closed for business. They are usually scheduled to come in at least once each week and give the office building a thorough cleaning. This is very important for shops and stores as well as office buildings so they can keep the bathrooms clean, disinfected and deodorized.

Your search for a good cleaning company will likely begin by speaking with friends and family members for referrals. You can also find cleaning services for end of tenancy or any other kind of cleaning in phone books or online. Be sure to take your time and interview these company’s carefully. Make sure to examine their credentials and get all of your questions answered. Assure that you have a detailed contract that states the expectations of you and the company you choose.

Grab your computer and look up House Cleaning online whether you need End of tenancy cleaning or any other Cleaning services. They are likely to be able to exceed your standards for cleaning almost anything!