Do-It-Yourself Candles

Do-it-yourself candles have become a recent craze. More and more homemakers are turning to candle making as a source of income and a worthy pastime. It is a great way to make personal presents and giveaways. But as we all know, this craft is nothing new. Before there were light bulbs and lamps, there were candles.

In order to earn big bucks from making your own candles, buy good quality materials.

If you want to cash in on candle making, or would simply like to make your own candles, you must perfect the process of molding the candle itself. You want to get high quality materials for you candles. Materials include wicks, molds, coloring and scents. These are all available in either craft or hobby shops.

The first step in candle making is to prepare the wax. You do this by melting it in a double boiler. A double boiler is simply one large pot filled with water and placed on the stovetop. Another smaller pot that contains the un-melted wax is sat inside the larger pot. Wax will burn when you try to melt it so using a double boiler makes it easy.

Carefully place a wick on the center of the mold you choose while filling the mold with your melted wax. Let it sit until the mixture is solid. To make the process a bit faster, you can put the mixture inside the freezer. To ensure easy removal of the wax mixture, coat your mold with non-stick spray.

There is almost no end to the different types of candles you can make at home. With the different fragrances, colors, and decorations your only limit is your imagination. Some candle making enthusiasts have gone as far as to make their own molds using liquid latex in order to create amazing candles.

These molds however are notorious for being flimsy.

It is going to be quite hard to fill it with wax if you don’t have anything to support the mold from the outside. You can use a cardboard piece to remedy this. Just place a hole big enough for the mold to fit inside the cardboard. Be sure that the cardboard only covers until the lip of the latex mold. The board will prop up the otherwise flimsy latex mold.

Selling candles can be extremely simple, once you acquire the skill for making candles. Coupled with your own creativity and attractive packaging, you will definitely find a market for your homemade candles. Perfecting candle making requires a few tries but once you’re on a roll, you will be surprised at how fast you’ll be selling them.

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