Interior Design and Interior Decorating

Interior Design and Interior Decorating


You would have come across the term interior design, interior decorating.  Have you ever explored or tried to find the exact difference between the two terms?  Most of the people get confused with the two terms, which they fail to access the right service during their project. Both the interior designers and decorators have their own important function to play in all kinds of commercial buildings. Interior designers show their excellence in commercial areas especially in designing the interiors of hotel or restaurant spaces. The decorators show their excellence in fixing the right equipments and matching fixtures in the particular space/area. Let us have a brief look about the two major sectors that comes under the architectural stream.


Meaning of interior design


The Nation Council for Interior Design Qualification has defined the term interior design in a clear precise manner. It states that, interior design is a multi-sided profession, which requires creative and technical exposure within an arrangement to attain a sound built interior environment.

Interior designers: The solutions offered by the interior designers are completely functional that help to improve the quality of culture and life. Moreover, the interiors are visually attractive and professional that adds an extra sleek touch in the living space. The work of interior designer involves with planning, decorating, furnishing the interiors. Interior design companies play an important role in setting the interiors for commercial areas. It can be multi-storey shops, IT office, business areas, hotels, hospitals, restaurants, casinos and more. They are hired to design the office interiors, which they work in par with the architecture if the project is in the starting stage. Renovating or building a commercial building with guidance of interior designer will help in a great way, which they aim to offer complete comfort and sleek touch to the interiors. There are recognized qualifications or degrees to master the field-Interior Design. Interior designers make complete use of latest technologies like 3D Max, CADD to render the rough structure format. They start the work only, when the project rough structure gets approved by the clients.


Meaning of interior decorating 

Interior decorating is defined as an art that requires decorating an office space/room to make it easy to use, attractive and should function well with the present architecture. The main goal of interior decorator is to provide a comfortable feel when present in the particular space.

Interior decorators: The work of interior decorators include painting surfaces and walls, choosing fittings, accessories (such as decorative light fixtures) and furniture, applying wallpaper, and presenting other decorative materials for that particular space, for example fixing unique sculptures and wall paintings. Interior decorators are called after the completion of the project by the owners or developers to decorate their multi-storey commercial project. The whole project involves with collecting ideas and requirements of the owners, which the decorators add their creating decorating scheme to bring up a sound functional building. There are part time interior decoration courses taken by the architecture itself to handle the complete project by themselves.


To sum up

Interior decorating is different from interior designing, which each of the fields has its own function. Interior decorators focus on finishes, such as paint, window covering, wall paper, and furnishings. Interior designers focus on manipulating/operating the architectural reliability of the interior space as well as generate a lifestyle experience through the research of environmental psychology.