Tips for Home Cleaning

Below we will include some tips on how you can try to clean your floors before you call a home cleaning service.


The first tip we will be giving you is one that many people have to deal with. They do not only have to deal with this when they are home alone, but when they are with company, or have company over because accidents do happen, and you need to be prepared for the worst.


With coffee stains you could get the stain out by mixing a third of dishwashing detergent, like dawn detergent, plain old tap water, and a third of vinegar. This will help you to take the stain out, but I will have to warn you to not scrub too hard or you could ruin the fabric that you are trying to get the coffee stain out of. So take it easy unless you want to ruin the furniture or the carpet that you spilled coffee on. If the stain is still not going away you should try a dry cleaning solvent.  As you are home cleaning you will become knowledgable in how each type of stains work, and how you can try to get the stain out. If you cannot a home cleaner is always waiting for more work.


You should also know that the longer a stain is left in the carpet or your furniture the better chance that the stain will remain there. If you can not get it out then you will want to seek the help of a home cleaner. There are three main types of stains that you will encounter on your furniture, and your carpets. These types of stains are greasy stains, non greasy stains, and combination stains.  When you are home cleaning you will want to make sure what type of stain you are cleaning up before you begin.


The first type of stain that we will go over is greasy stains.

When you are home cleaning these are the most difficult stains to get out other then combination stains. Greasy stains are caused by things such as lubricants, oils, grease, butter, and other various substances that are greasy in nature. Usually these types of stains can come out with hand washing and a little detergent onto the spot that is affected. If it’s possible you might want to also machine wash the fabric, but that is always not possible. If the detergent has not helped so far you will want to try a dry cleaning solvent.


The next type of stain that we will go over is a non greasy stain. These stains can include anything from tea, coffee, fruit juices, food coloring, and ink. The first thing that you will want to do is sponge the stain with cool water as soon as possible to try to soak up the liquid no matter what it is. If you cannot get it all up you will want to get help from a home cleaner or use there services.


The last type of stain is a combination stain. A combination stain is a combination of a greasy and a non greasy stain. The first stain that you will to get out is the non greasy stain, and then you will want to get out the greasy stain secondly.


If the above tips do not help then you will want to seek out the help of a home cleaner, such as 0800 Carpet Cleaners. They would work with there team to get most if not all the stains out of your carpets, or even your furniture.


Stains on your carpet or even your furniture can be devastating for most people, but there is help that you can seek out. Home cleaners will help to clean your home, bring it back up to your standards, or what the fabric was before you needed the help of home cleaning. You will watch as the stains dissapear from your carpets.


Home Cleaning can be a diffiult, and even a tedious task. With the Home Cleaners, 0800 Carpet Cleaning, you will soon see your fabrics look like new.