Floor Design with Tile

A home remodel offers the opportunity to try new ideas and styles, and one way to do that is to experiment with tile floor design. You can use stone, marble, parquet, vinyl or ceramic tile in many different ways to achieve very unusual effects. Just by laying the tiles out in different patterns and designs, you can come up with a brand new look.

Changing Angles

A beautiful option for tile flooring is to make the floor design one of changing angles. To do this, you just lay out the tiles going in one direction for one section of the flooring, and then place the surrounding or separate sections at a different angel. The angle might be a 90 degree angle for a clean, crisp look, or the tiles could be laid at various unusual angles to make a more modern and abstract look. Either way, the floor design becomes more interesting than it is when you lay them all the same direction.

Alternating Sizes

Some tiles, especially stone, marble and ceramic tiles, come in different sizes that you can piece together to make an alternating pattern of larger and smaller tiles. This look takes patience and skill to achieve, but it is worth the effort for many people. If you do not feel confident doing the work yourself, it is a common task for modern tile installers.

Combinations of Materials

An unusual way to look at floor design is to use different materials to make up one flooring look. A marble floor could be surrounded by a deep, rich hardwood floor for a stunning contrast within the same floor. Combinations of materials could include using different colors of tiles within the floor design. One choice is to construct all the floors in a home of the same type of tile, but change the color gradually from one hue to another in a path through the home.

Inlays and Medallions

Inlays and medallions are ornamental tile groupings that are inserted into the floor design.

Some companies specialize in this type of flooring feature. You can also get flooring inlays and medallions that are less complex from standard manufacturers. These features are usually difficult to install and require a professional installer to complete.


Many tile manufacturers make border tiles to go with their standard tiles. The border tiles may be different colors, shapes or have different designs or grains. They may be smaller in size as well. Adding borders as a part of your floor design makes the room look more finished.

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