Hard Wood Flooring

Hardwood flooring’s have always been very trendy or fashionable and now it’s also gaining popularity in offices or other formal rooms. The reasons behind their popularity are their warm look, variety, affordability, ease of maintenance, high value and Eco friendliness. Today there is a very wide variety of flooring materials in the market, so it is not very difficult to choose a perfect hard wood flooring material for your home or office. People like more hardwood flooring’s as compare with other flooring’s like tiles, vinyl etc, because the hardwood flooring provides very simple and attractive look to their homes. There are many choices available for hardwood flooring’s but the most famous are parquets and plank. Basically the parquet floors are made up of hardwood and it has a square shape. Different people arrange these hardwood squares in different geometrical designs, in order to get attractive look.

The second most prominent design of hardwood flooring is plank style. In plank style the hard wood strips are put together in one plank. Generally these planks are between three to six inches and they can install easily as compared with any other hardwood flooring design. The installation of hardwood flooring’s becomes very easy nowadays, because the manufacturers have developed their installed systems which help their consumers to install these flooring’s by themselves in their homes or anywhere they want. But you can also get the assist of professionals in order to install your hardwood floor. The hardwood flooring’s are also very easy to maintain and clean. You can easily clean the dust or any kind of dirt with the help of a soft rug.

Nowadays some specific cleaning liquids are also widely available for more serious cases like wax drips or oil spills. Cuts and scratches can be sanded out after a specific time period, so the floors will retain the same look as they have when they were installed.

In market there are various types of urethane solutions are available, which you can use to refinish your hardwood floors. The most common type of urethane is oil modified urethane. It contains a base which can be made up of different materials like plasticizers, petroleum resins, and many other ingredients that can increase the durability of your hardwood floor. This product is available with different sheen levels. It is a solvent based solution, so it dries in about 8 hours. The water based is another type of urethane. This kind of product is composed of synthetic resins, plasticizers and other film forming materials. This type of urethane is very popular because it has an excellent ability to resist moisture. The cost of water based urethane is more than any other kind of such materials, but it also provides very beautiful outlook a hardwood floor. The other advantage of this material is, it is least odorless as compare with any material and it will dry after 2 to 3 hours after applying it on the surface of hardwood floor.