Do Yourself a Favour


Having a creative hobby such as quilting, cross stitch or tapestry can be highly rewarding, but over time it can prove to be back breaking work. The process of creating an image or design takes a great many hours and the work requires a keen eye and persistent attention to detail. However problems can arise after long periods doing needlework as one can become so absorbed in their creation that they forget all about their posture. It’s only when one stops for a break that they realise just how sore or strained their back has become. But don’t despair because this can be rectified by using a kneeling chair.


Kneeling chairs have been popular since they were designed in 1979. Originally called the Balans Chair, the design has changed considerably over the years and the more modern designs feature lap-top stands, and for the keen needleworker there are quilting, tapestry and cross stitch stands. Chances are that currently you’re using a standard tapestry frame which you sit at on a normal chair. This is not great for your posture as you tend to lean forwards towards your work, arching your spine unnaturally which can cause lower back pain.


When using a kneeling chair with an attached needlework frame such as a tapestry or quilting stand allows you to bring the work to you rather than the other way around. The sitting position one adopts on a kneeling chair is perfect for maintaining a good posture, and as the quilting or tapestry stand is fully adjustable the work can be placed in the perfect position; right under your nose if need be.

By using a kneeing chair instead of a standard chair will vastly improve ones posture, especially when working on ‘close-up’ projects such as needlework or other handy crafts.


Kneeling chairs do have their share of bad press, with some people finding them uncomfortable after a short time. This problem arises from the relative dimensions of the chair not properly fitting the user. However by purchasing one which is tailored to your height means you should not experience any discomfort. Most manufacturers only produce kneeling chairs in a single ‘standard’ size. These are best avoided as the chair will either fit or it wont. Instead, look for a manufacturer that produces a variety of sizes so you can swap for the next size up or down should it not fit you perfectly. 


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