Interior design malaysia

Interior Decoration and Design, although related disciplines, different in terms of its application. Home decor interior decoration process to completion (eg, wallpaper and paint, choice of furniture and accessories, as well as adding finishing and decorations such as paintings and objets d’art. They all offer a “feel” certain in a house but essentially the underlying structure of the house unchanged.

Interior decoration is usually done by a professional interior decorator, but recently the trend is that people know about the decor through a different program or book and then apply their own techniques with the general budget. The goal of interior decoration is to create an aesthetically pleasing home at a time, unique because it must reflect the unique personality of the owner and the palate.
The interior design is more integrated into the architecture and professional interior designers can work with architects and builders to make important decisions about the design of the house or building. This includes analyzing the options related to the layout of the room, closet and choose tiles and many other design factors. While the budget for the Interior Design for new developments that used to be minimal, acknowledged today that the addition of interior design projects: the difference between normal development and contribute to a lifestyle brand and image projects. The money spent on interior design, therefore, viewed as an investment that pays off in the process of property development.
Homeowners spend more and more to improve their homes. Because it is relatively easy to change the look of a house, change the finish and fittings of the big money goes into the interior. The growing popularity of home-made interior decoration is assigned to an entire industry around interior design courses, books and television programs also grew, and became a popular pastime for married couples. Innovative ideas interior decor, which costs less, but at the same time giving the impression of style and class, in fashion.
Young entrepreneurs also see a difference and there is a request for information and programs on how to enter the Interior Design and Decoration Industry. It also has given home interior decoration industry a boost {.
Although the latest trend is that the people in accordance with an interesting task to transform their homes, acknowledged that the fall in the field of interior decoration. Interior design still requires a study of the context of Interior Design, good design theory, knowledge of technical advances in the engineering industry, both residential and commercial buildings and knowledge of the latest trends and advances in the interior design industry.
In short, an interior design project in which all elements of the design still meets the scope of a professional designer should be able to develop projects that go beyond the boundaries of a hobby.