Windows Repair – Do It Yourself

More than constructing a dream home, the real task begins when it comes to periodic maintenance. One of the important aspects in any building that adds an important aesthetic value to it is the Windows. Windows need periodic maintenance in terms of lubrication the joints as well as cleaning the glass and painting the frames. Due to constant exposure to heat and rain and other factors like dust, etc., Windows are vulnerable to repair or damage.

The glasses used in Windows are brittle by nature. So, a small scratch in the glass can get magnified to a crack and ultimately damage the complete glass frame. There are numerous simple ways to fix a scratched glass. But, you cannot expect the window to retain its original characteristics or appearance. There is every possibility of the glass having a rainbow effect on it. In some rare cases, a little application of pressure on the glass even as you to try to open or close the window might shatter the glass. Horrible thing to happen, huh?

Here is a very simple technique to make the scratch invisible on glass windows:

– First and foremost, safety first. So, ensure that you have your gloves on to avoid any injuries.

– Clean the glass thoroughly and wipe it dry with a cotton napkin.

– Apply either toothpaste or some cream along the area of the glass which has been scratched

– Scrape off the excess and when you do this, ensure that you do it unidirectional. To and fro scraping might only worsen the situation by aggravating the damage to the glass

– Once the paste or the cream has dried off, buff your cloth clean to have a glossy look.

If the scratch is not a very visible mark, try buffing your Kansas City Windows with a little furniture polish.

Just be careful to avoid jagged materials – like newspaper – during cleaning. Your best bet is always a soft, dry cloth.

Prevention is better than cure!!

Here are few tips on how to avoid the scratches on the glass windows even before it can occur:

– Try to avoid paper or a rough cloth to clean the window

– The dust accumulated on the glass surface can be abrasive in nature too. So, rinse or hose the glass off before wiping it down

The above mentioned tips and solutions are only for minor scratches on your glass replacement windows Kansas City. These days, several kits are available in the market to remove scratches from windows. But watch out for the price tag. Sometimes, they can be quite expensive, and without the professional guidance, you may not be able to use them to your advantage.

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