House Cleaning Caddy

One of the most important house cleaning tools that a homemaker can have is a caddy. What exactly is a caddy? Just like the human version totes around golf clubs for the professional golfer, the plastic model totes around cleansers and tools for a house cleaner. If a golfer had to carry his or her clubs by hand or look for them every time it was time to make a shot, what a slow game it would be! And the same is true for tidying up the interior of one’s abode. This plastic tote should be kept stocked with supplies at all time and stored in a closet. When it’s time to do the weekly tidying up, grabbing the tote along with a vacuum, broom, dust pan, bucket and mop will allow the home to be easily cleaned. What supplies should fill the receptacle?

– Feather duster: This is an essential tool for dusting every nook and cranny in the home. This duty should be performed in a left to right and up to down pattern, so that no areas are left dusty. During the feather dusting process, the stick should be tapped against a hard surface such as a table edge or a shoe to knock the dust from the feathers to the floor. The floor will be vacuumed or swept soon anyway, so this is a time saver. – Window cleaner: Window cleanser should be used on mirrors, windows, patio doors and shower doors. – Squeegee: The squeegee should be utilized in conjunction with the window cleaner. This tool is wonderful for all glass surfaces in order to prevent streaking. – Wood polish: A lemon wood polish is ideal for tables, shelves, stair rails and cabinetry. Some polishing products are designed to clean and polish at the same time. – All-purpose cleanser: For counter tops, bathrooms, appliances, painted woodwork, doorways, etc., an all-purpose cleanser will be ideal.

Spray-on products are preferable to dab-on types. – Floor cleaner: Depending on the flooring material your home has, a mild detergent for the floor should be stocked. These solutions are usually designed to be diluted with water to the appropriate strength. – Toilet cleanser and brush: Toilet cleansers should be squirtable so that they can drench the entire bowl and underneath the rim. A brush will double the efficiency. – Rags: Old tee-shirts make ideal rags since they are soft, washable and won’t scratch surfaces. Wash cloths will be advantageous for certain types of scrubbing, such as bathroom fixtures. – Sponges: Sponges that have both a smooth side and a scrubbing side will be useful for kitchen and bathroom tidying. Like the rags, these can be easily washed in the washing machine so that they may be used over again. – Paper towels: Some grimy jobs are better left to paper towels that can be thrown away. Keep a roll on hand in the caddy. – Toothbrush: Keep old toothbrushes in the plastic tote. These small bristle brushes are ideal for getting the crud out of small spaces. – Black plastic trash bags: Trash bags should be ready to take away the contents of each room’s wastebasket.

Once the caddy is stocked, the house cleaning can begin.

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