Tile flooring tips

Tiling a floor, wall or any other surface enhances the beauty of the room and the d├ęcor but practical considerations play an important role in choosing the right tiles for a surface. Different surfaces have different needs when it comes to tiling. Some rooms like the bathroom or the laundry room for instance, are exposed to high amounts of moisture while other rooms like the kitchen counters are exposed to much wear and tear. Therefore, it is only natural that different kinds of tile are used for different rooms. Balancing the aesthetic requirements with practical considerations is a must if you want the tile surface to look good and last long.

The first step is planning. There are various kinds of tiles available for different surfaces. Vinyl tiles, ceramic tiles and stone tiles are some examples. Among stone tiles, there are a variety of tiles to choose from including marble, sandstone, slate, granite or travertine, to name a few. Natural stones tiles have become highly popular thanks to their unique beauty and good looks. The brown tones, beiges, reddish and golden hues of these tiles give a free hand to people who want to beautify the interior of their homes. Along with color variations, unique patterns are also available in stone tiles. However, stone tiles like travertine may not be ideal for certain surfaces. Since the stone is somewhat porous, it reacts quickly to acids. Any spills must be taken care of immediately to avoid permanent staining. Due to these reasons, one might want to keep stone tiles away from kitchens or laundry rooms.

Once you have decided on the kind of tile you want for a particular surface, it is time to choose colors and patterns.

It is a good idea to take samples of certain tiles from the store and experiment with different patterns. It must be kept in mind that fluorescent lighting modifies the color tone of tiles. While light colors give an impression of brightness, dark colors are easy to maintain. Natural stone tiles may vary a little in color and pattern, therefore, it makes sense to buy a few extra tiles when making your purchase. Larger tiles may look better in certain areas and are definitely easier to clean. In certain cases, accented tiles may be the best option.

Tile prices may vary from place to place. Hand cut tiles are more expensive. Even so, it is important to look for reliable average rates before buying tiles for flooring and other requirements. Installation costs also vary from store to store. It is advisable to buy floor tiles from stores that specialize in the same as they have better selections. These days, it is possible to buy a huge variety of floor tiles from online stores too.

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