Keurig Cleaning

Regular Keurig cleaning inside and outside the brewing system is necessary to provide a long life to your coffee maker. The Keurig coffee maker gave coffee maker a new look at coffee makers and coffee brewers around the world.  Keurig single-cup coffee makers give you the innovative chance of making a single cup of coffee without fuss.

Just put a single-cup coffee canister on top of the brewer, press the brew button, and in a minute or less, have a cup of gourmet coffee, a cup of hot tea, a cup of aromatic cocoa or a cup of iced beverage. After using, easily dispose of the canister. But in order to have a coffee maker that is always running like new, proper keurig cleaning must be performed on a regular basis.

Before cleaning your coffee maker, observe some safety precautions and bear in mind these simple tips. Never overfill your coffee machine with water nor keep the appliance in any liquid. Do this to prevent electrical shocks, fires and damages to you and your properties. Although your coffee maker has automatic controls, it is highly recommended to unplug the socket when not in use for a long period of time or before cleaning it. Before disassembling the coffee maker for cleaning purposes, check if the appliance has cooled off or the water inside is not hot to prevent yourself from getting burned or scalded.

Now you’re ready to clean. After using it, get a warm and damp cloth. Wipe out the oils from the coffee inside the brewer. These oils may build up and block your brewed coffee from pouring out. Use the cloth for wiping the outside to make it shine like new. Remove the coffee canister from the coffee maker upon brewing. Take the lid from the water reservoir and the brewer when it is not in use to let the water evaporate, thereby reducing the chances of mold growth.

 Every week, practice cleaning to keep the brewer working effectively. Put white vinegar into the tank for water reservoir. Turn the machine on. Run a full cycle on the machine without using any coffee canisters. Make the coffee canister brew the vinegar until the signal light gives the warning that the water in the reservoir is low.

Allow the brewer to stand for around four hours before rinsing out the water reservoir with water and soap. Fill the water reservoir with filtered, fresh water and pour all the water thru the device minus the coffee canisters. Fill the water reservoir anew with water, this time use bottled water. The weekly keurig cleaning is done. The machine is now free from residue and can be used to make a fresh cup of your favorite beverage.

Perform the weekly process using water and baking soda once a year to thoroughly clean the machine and maintain the optimum performance of the apparatus. Get one teaspoon of baking soda and mix it with water inside the reservoir. Do this annually only, for baking soda may leave behind a residue that may affect the quality and the taste of your brewed coffee.

Proper maintenance and regular keurig cleaning are the two basic things you must do in order to prolong the use of your appliance. Have a coffee break!

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