Traffic Analysis – Do it Yourself

How many companies are there out there that will offer to supply your website traffic analysis to you, it will cost you a few dollars though. I almost took up one of their offers, almost, because I found out how you can do it for free!

Once you do a search on your favourite search engine of sites that will do some free traffic analysis for you, you will quickly see how many companies there are out there. To get rid of a lot of non relevant results from your search, try enclosing your search phrase within quotation marks.

Traffic analysis is something that you must do constantly to check your websites performance. It is much better to keep your money by doing this simple job yourself instead of farming the work out. At least until you are making a decent profit.

On the first page of your websites cpanel (control panel) there is a file called ‘Awstats’,once you click through this icon you will be taken to choose which domain or sub domain you will to find the stats on. The awstas folder normally resides in the “log’ area of your control panel.

Once you have clicked through the Awstats icon you will then have a choice of which domain or sub domain you want to view the stats on. Once you have chosen your domain by clicking on the ‘View’ button you will see the fantastic statistics that are now available to you.

It is quite amazing really, there is such a detailed view of your web site statistics. You now are able to monitor the progress of your other ad or traffic campaigns to double check their accuracy. You will also be able to find more traffic analysis tools on Google’s site. There are a host of free tools for you to use.

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