Do it Yourself Coffee Spa Treatment

It’s always wonderful to have an excuse to pamper yourself, and even better if it smells like a delicious cup of Joe! Coffee has truly popular flavors and aromas, which is precisely why you will enjoy making this luxurious spa body scrub using the natural beauty benefits of coffee itself.

Did you know that coffee is chock full of antioxidants? This is precisely why it is a wonderful ingredient to use in any beauty treatment because the antioxidants can be topically absorbed into the skin so that they have the ability to neutralize free radicals. Just to update you, free radicals do have the potential to damage many of your cells below the surface, contributing to premature age and disease. To stop these problems before they start, use the natural antioxidant benefits of coffee in your spa treatments to keep your skin looking as fresh and as young as possible. Your skin will thank you!

Here are the ingredients you will need:

• 1 tbsp. Olive oil
• 2 tbsp. Vanilla extract
• 3/4 cup Coffee beans
• 1/3 cup Brown sugar
• 1 tsp. Ground cloves

To execute this easy beauty recipe, all you have to do is put the whole coffee beans, ground cloves, and brown sugar into your coffee grinder. Grind at the coarse setting to thoroughly mix the ingredients together, and then place them into an empty container. Mix the ingredients together again well to make sure that they are completely blended. Add the vanilla and olive oil to the mixture, and again, mix well. You can add more olive oil to your liking, but make sure to do it in small increments so that you do not ruin the consistency of your scrub.

For a more coarse scrub, you ultimately want to use less olive oil, and for a softer scrub, you can use more. Now, you can slather it all over your body and use it to exfoliate any dead skin. This is a perfect natural treatment to use, and it will leave your skin feeling soft and delicious – almost good enough to eat! On top of that, you can count on the natural coffee aromas to wake you right up if you are using this spa scrub in the morning when you shower.

Consider one more interesting beauty fact. Coffee does contain caffeine, which is a natural vasodilator. This will work to constrict blood vessels in your skin, making it immediately tighter and firmer. What you have within your spa pampering scrub is a natural anti aging treatment! When you use this scrub, you can count on your skin tightening and feeling younger right away. This is also something that is gentle enough to use on your face, so it will immediately firm your complexion and have you feeling fresh. You can also count on this scrub to slough off dead skin cells all over your body so that you will be glowing from head to toe. And you have your cup of Joe to thank!

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