Choosing wall and floor tiles

Choosing wall tiles and floor tiles can create a dilemma, with so many tile materials, styles and designs, home owners certainly have lots of choice. The first aspect of choosing wall and floor tiles is the suitability for the room you are installing them in and there are certain aspects to consider. If you are installing floor tiles in a high traffic area such as the kitchen then it is a must to opt for a strong and durable tile that has low maintenance levels.

If you are redecorating the bathroom area, any wall tiles and floor tiles you choose need to be suitable for areas where there is water and moisture. It is also really important that they are easy to clean and maintain.

Marble tiles are popular and there is no doubt that they have an elegant presence, however they are not often installed on kitchen floors because they are a higher maintenance tile and if your kitchen is a busy family kitchen, it may be more suitable to opt for an alternative tile material. Marble tiles can be used in small areas of the kitchen such as borders and small islands in the centre of the kitchen and if you have an area that you want to make a real focal point of, marble tiles are great at bringing elegance and style. Marble mosaics are also great and will work really well with other tile combinations.

Ceramic tiles are ideal solutions for walls and floors; they are strong, durable and easy to clean. Many home owners find there to be an abundance of style and design when looking for ceramic tiles and they are certainly a tile that will last the test of time.

Many natural stone combinations work well in kitchens and bathrooms but some types of natural stone are not really suitable for particularly wet areas. Natural stone floor tiles will make an impressive addition to kitchens and there are many different types in which to choose from. Slate tiles in particular are good, strong tiles that are very popular at the moment and the darker shades work really well on kitchen floors.

Glass tiles are also a tile that is strong, durable and will make an impression in both kitchens and bathrooms. Glass tiles work well on backsplash areas, around baths, showers and as borders. Glass tiles come in various colours and shades and can make a room appear larger because they reflect the light really well and for this reason they are excellent for smaller rooms and awkward spaces. Glass tiles are very durable and the colour will remain bright and new looking because it is applied during the manufacturing process unless you opt for hand painted tiles which will give the home owner a wider choice of design, hand painted Glass tiles may fade if harsh chemicals are applied often.

Quarry tiles are gaining in popularity and work really well on kitchen floors and hallways where there is a high level of traffic because they are strong and durable, quarry tiles come in rich reds and browns which work really well in traditional and modern settings.

Always consider your tile choices wisely to ensure they are ideal for the place they are being installed, this ensures that your tiles will last for many years and will stay looking as good as new.


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