Marble tile flooring advice.

Tiling floors and walls dates back years and years and was originally there for only a decorative purpose, these days as well as having a decorative aspect,  wall tiles and floor tiles are there to provide a function and are a durable solution for kitchens and bathrooms and ,many other rooms in the  house. Floor tiles especially provide a very practical function for floors in conservatories, hallways, entryways, bathrooms and kitchens.

There is much more choice now than there was years ago when shopping for floor tiles and wall tiles home owners are looking for both good value floor tiles as well as having the durability and design factors that suit your personal preferences.

Marble tiles are certainly a chic tile that can be used on both floors and walls and although the more expensive tile, they are known for their sheer beauty, elegance and style. Marble can be used as floor tiles but the correct finish needs to be installed in order for the tiles to be suitable for floor areas. Marble tiles can also be installed on walls and in many other ways by using mosaic border tiles and confining marble tiles to specific areas to keep costs down.

Marble tiles are the more expensive tiles but for smaller floor areas, a marble tile flooring project doesn’t always have to cost too much. There are some great end of line deals that can be snapped up but always ensure that there are enough floor tiles to fully finish the job and a little extra for breakages.

Marble tiles are a natural stone and there will be variations often described as veins within the stone that occur during the development process. Many home owners feel this only adds to the style factor of these beautiful floor tiles.  Marble floor tiles are a higher maintenance tile and do need care and attention in order to keep them looking good and there are certain types are marble flooring that is ideal for floor tiles whilst other types are not so suitable.

Marble tiles come in many variations in the colours you can choose and it really depends on your personal preferences to the ones you will choose. All good tile stores will be able to help you select the correct marble tiles and they are ideal for both traditional and modern settings within the home.

Marble tiles also work very well in bathrooms and white marble is particularly popular in this area. Marble can be used as floor tiles and wall tiles and home owners should take the time to look at the options available before choosing the tiles they want. Marble can be used in smaller areas such as border tiles and specific areas of the kitchen and bathroom to make real focal points, this also keeps costs down.

Marble is a beautiful natural stone tile variety that certainly lives up to its name of chic and elegant and once installed correctly, it will certainly last the test of time and create a real design statement in any home.



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