Home improvement with carpet tiles

If you are planning to give your home interiors a lease of fresh life, perhaps you need to look at its d├ęcor with a new perspective. Have you considered renovating your home flooring with carpet tiles?

Surely, not many of us would consider revamping and restoring our house flooring. Conventionally, we stick to changing the colour of the walls, replacing the carpet, updating the upholstery or changing a few painting and wall hangings here and there. We seldom think out of the box to introduce something new, something dramatic and unique to add the space its own character. But on serious thought, the flooring can actually make your home look different and feel different too. For those who have not yet experimented with tiles, it definitely is time to put on your creative hats and start experimenting with commercial tiles. Here are a few tips that can help you implement your design ideas on your home flooring with the help of carpet tiles:

The flooring in the living space should be unique and yet not too bold. You can choose from a variety of multi coloured and unique tiles that match the overall colour scheme of your living room. If your living space area is small, choose light and soft coloured and light patterned tiles and vice versa. Also, for smaller areas do not use tiles with large, distinct patterns. Instead, go with continuity. A grassy or watery effect or bubbles are some unique design ideas.

Concentrate on the location which is seen the most by your guests. Do not shy away from using colours or patterns to create unique flooring.

Be sensitive to spaces. Go for fun designs when planning to do the flooring in your kids’ room. But choose more classy commercial tiles for areas like the study. Similarly, bathrooms can have cool coloured carpet tiles that exude a sense of relaxation while the dining area can have warm, but not too fierce, coloured tiles that radiate a warm and welcome feeling.

The way you choose to set your tiles depends entirely upon your personal taste and choice. If you are not good with designs, you can seek the help of the Internet for innovative ideas of flooring with carpet tiles and see what suits your own home flooring requirement the best. Alternately, you can also browse through the online catalogues of stores selling exhaustive variety of tiles at very pocket-friendly rates.

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