Interior Italian Design Features

Italian design houses are famous for their elegant and distinctive designer products world wide. Be it fashion design, automobile design, industrial or interior design, Italian design work is considered to be the epitome of quality workmanship and unique craft. Use of innovative ideas for better functional purposes and crafted detailing in the designs are trademark specialty of Italian designers. Italian interior design evokes modernism and a distinctively urban aesthetic taste. The Italian interior designs often emphasizes on open spaces that allow natural flow of air and light. Use of big picture windows, glass walls or floating roofs is used to integrate interior spaces with the exterior spaces. Arches, columns, niches and moldings that add dimension to interior space are some of the classic examples of Italian interior design.

Use of natural materials such as glass, wood, marble, stone, paper, ceramic tile and leather can be seen in the creations of Italian designers. Rustic design elements featured in unfinished wooden beams, planks and furniture also help in identifying a classic Italian designer work. Where as, modern design is typically made with geometric shapes, floating shelves, clean lines and modular pieces that sit low on to the floor. Color combinations with use of natural neutrals and white based tints are commonly used for painting smooth, sleek and clean walls by many Italian designers. The purpose of using these light and neutral color tones on walls is that they blend well with other accessories and home furnishing items and do not look isolated. Generally, dark paint colors tend to absorb more light and make the room appear smaller and dim, where as, light paint colors reflect the light and make the room appear bigger with more space. Marble is widely used for entry floors, hallways and in the bathrooms and generally, the quality of polishing and texture of marble is so fine that one can not think of carpeting the floor. For bedrooms, the floors are finely crafted with terra cotta and ceramic tiles with parquet wood. The trademark specialty of Italian design is that each and every design detail may carry a theme. Be it furniture hardware, window design, garden views, living rooms, dining rooms, kitchens or outdoor areas, everything is worked upon a theme and evoke true class of workmanship.

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