The Details Things of the Dogs

I said I love the dogs before, because they are loyal. In the city, the dogs are the pets; in the countryside, the dogs are the janitor. There are some differences in sharp of the watch-dogs and pets. If I have a house in the city, I will keep a watch-dog. Because of the watch-dog is lovelier than the pet in my mind.

Watch-dogs are never particular about their food. We eat some food, they will follow us. But the pets are seldom to eat the food. I like cook the food for me and my watch-dogs. It is a happy thing to share the food with them. My dogs like to eat the red peppers and lotus root. No matter the food cooked or not, they could eat them. See! Are these dogs cute?

A lot of people love puppy, so I am one of them. Recently, I was watching the InuYasha. Many people may like Sesshoumaru, but I still like InuYasha. Especially he was a kid, he was very cute. The dogs are the best friends when we are lonely. I always felt that the dogs could understand the human. When I had a bad mood, the dogs will stay beside me quietly; when I was happy, he will roll about their bodies; when they were hungry, and they will follow me to beg the food… when I get together to walk outside, I feel the green grass and blue sky belong to me.

At once, I heard a story about a dog. At the period of Opium War, a boat was attacked by the gunfire on the sea. The dog’s host was still on the boat, so the dog searched for his host in the sea in a day. Unfortunately, the dog did not find. At the end it killed itself under the sea. Many people know that the dog can swim, but it did not go ashore, because the dog knew that that was no meaning for his life without its host. Yesterday, I was moving by the dog in a TV show. The dog’s died, but it still stayed in the front of the store which was opened by its host every day. The passerby said that the dog just keep their precious things between itself and host.

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