Quarry floor tile information.

Quarry tiles are available in many more colours than they once were but they are still available in the rustic reds and browns that make them so popular, they are great for providing a rustic natural feel into kitchens and hallways and they are also strong and durable which makes them great for busy family homes.

Quarry floor tiles are a relatively cheap floor tile option without compromising on tile style for the home. They are also a great floor tile to keep clean and are easy to maintain, they are durable and resistant to most substances which is a real plus for busy family homes.  Quarry floor tiles will normally have a rough surface and they are not normally glazed, this can lead to absorption of water and for this reason quarry tiles and the grout will be sealed if the quarry tiles are installed in interior environments.

Quarry floor tiles are great for providing an old style of decor and are really great for cottage style kitchens and for home owners wanting to recreate a particular style. They can also have varied shades and may differ from tile to tile depending on where you purchase them from, this helps them to mask marks and dirt easily and only adds to the uniqueness of the floor tile.

Quarry tiles are not just suitable for interior environments but they also work really well for outside applications and this only demonstrates the durability of the tile. Floor tiles are the preferred choice for home owners because above everything else, they provide excellent functionality in areas of the home that require easy to clean products and floor tiles offer excellent functionality especially in areas where spillages will happen often. Many home owners worry that floor tiles will feel cold underfoot and for some tile materials this may be true but quarry tiles manage to maintain heat very well and don’t feel too cold underfoot. They also work really well with underfloor heating systems with the heat distribution covering the whole floor and radiating upwards to make the room feel cosy and warm.

Many of the quarry floor tile types have a natural anti slip resistance which is paramount when in an area that will have water and moisture including wet shoes. The water can be mopped up easily and the floor tiles will dry ensuring that the surface is safe to walk on.

The most noticeable difference with quarry floor tiles is the thickness of the floor tile, this is characteristic of the material and many home owners feel this only adds to the natural and rustic tile style they offer.

Quarry floor tiles are readily available from many tile stores and reclaimed quarry tiles can also be abstained. They are especially suitable for exterior applications and this is what they were so popular for before home owners started to realise the potential for indoor use. Many home owners install quarry tiles on kitchen floor areas and carry them through into laundry rooms and rooms that lead directly outside; this ensures they have a good, strong floor tile material that is able to be cleaned quickly and easily.



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