Is Your House Cleaning Company Efficient?

If you have had a house cleaning company regularly come into your home to tidy things up, you may or may not have ever questioned the efficiency and cost effectiveness of their work. There are many different companies you could hire to take care of your home, so what was it that led you to hire the one you currently have? Was it a referral from a friend or family member? Did you search on the Internet for a company? Did you blindly pick a house cleaning company from a phone book? Regardless of how it was that you found your professionals, every so often it will be in your best interest to analyze whether or not you believe that the work they are doing for you is still worth the fees they charge.

A good house cleaning company is always going to be licensed and bonded to protect their employees and their customers against accidental injury or breakage. In this respect, your homeowners insurance should also cover accidents that happen when the cleaning professionals are working in your home. Furthermore, the company you hire needs to be responsive, always punctual and always prepared. Generally the home owner is responsible for providing the cleaning supplies, but if the cleaners prefer to use something other than what you have (such as a particular type of vacuum or mop), they should always make sure that it is ok with you that they use anything other than what you have for your home.

Cleaning supplies that home owners normally supply include cleaning solutions, rags, brooms and mops, a vacuum, sponges, garbage bags and the like. This is especially true if you use special cleaners or have particular demands for equipment. An example of this would be if you only use organic or all natural cleaning solutions; you should not expect a cleaning company to make a special purchase to use in your home.

You should also not expect them to automatically perform work that is out of the ordinary or especially dangerous. This would include climbing very tall ladders to reach cathedral ceiling light bulbs and ceiling fans, climbing up high to reach very tall windows, or climbing anything else. You can ask ahead of time if they have someone on staff who can do it for you; usually a good house cleaning company will have someone who will be able to come and perform the specialty jobs and if they dont have someone, they should be able to refer you to someone who can help you.

If you find that you are unhappy with the job that your current cleaning service has done more often than you would like, it may be time to get online and investigate some other opportunities you may have. There are plenty of excellent house cleaning companies in your area that do an excellent job with anything and everything for which they are hired to do, so dont settle for a company that does a mediocre job when you dont have to.

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