Acquiring Home Improvement Permits

If you are planning to improve your house in Northern Virginia, you will be required to acquire some permits and approvals from the state. In the event you plan to repair sidings, paint your walls, add a front porch, or add a second floor inside your house, it is best to evaluate the recommendations inside your local homeowner’s association (HOA), whether or not there are restrictions and requirements for maintaining and improving your house.


Building Code and Zoning Approval


You have the liberty to do some improvement projects for your home; it is under your ownership, after all. Nevertheless, the country requires homeowners to secure a building permit and/or zoning approval when new constructions, like fences, swimming pools, and parking areas, within the property will be done. For example, within the state of Virginia, there is the Virginia Uniform Statewide Creating Code (VUSBC), which consists of the regulations in constructing a new building or an extension to an existing structure. It also has regulations to safeguard residents from the hazards coming from the construction process.  


Projects that Require Permits


House extension is a home improvement project that requires a permit. You need a permit in the event you will add up a porch, a deck, a sunroom, or a shed that has an area of at least 200 square feet to your home. For decks, permits are required if the floor is equal to or greater than 16.5 inches. A permit is also required in the event you decide to replace gas furnaces or gas logs.


In Northern Virginia replacement windows and door installations also require permits, particularly if structural adjustments will be made. Altering electrical, mechanical, plumbing, and heating systems also require a permit. You will also need to seek for approval if you are creating a swimming pool inside your lot, especially if it requires more than two feet of water and is larger than 150 square feet.


Projects that do not require a Permit


Some house improvement projects may not need a permit, but performing them still have requirements to conform to code standards. These projects are classified as “ordinary repairs”, like interior and exterior painting, wallpapering, and replacing cabinets and light fixtures. No permit is also required for a roof repair Northern Virginia contractors offer.


In Northern Virginia siding repair can also be carried out sans a permit, also as adding a home accessory building like a shed, especially one that has an area lesser than 200 square feet. There is also no need to obtain a permit for the installation of systems with low-voltage wiring, such as a door bell or a security alarm, which should be 50 volts or lower.



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