Stone Tile Floor Cleaning Information

When you have a floor that is something other than carpeting, there are many benefits to be enjoyed and also many responsibilities to uphold when it comes to stone tile floor cleaning and maintenance. It is important to keep these types of flooring clean, just as it is for carpeted floors. This is not only for aesthetic reasons, but also for sanitary reasons. Homes with small children living in them, especially children who play on those floors, should always be kept impeccably clean and in good shape.

If you have tile or stone floors, you should always make sure that you wipe up all spills immediately. Standing moisture damages these floors and can also permanently discolor them if the spills are of liquids such as juices, coffee, tea or wine. Make sure that you use a neutral cleaner or stone soap to clean floors that are travertine tile. Your cleaning agent needs to be applied using a soft sponge or cloth that is not abrasive, and you should quickly follow behind with a dry mop. Be careful not to use too much cleaning product, because it is going to produce streaks on your tile and may eventually cause a film build up.

Be very careful with toiletries, beauty products and any and all liquids that are used in the home that can spill onto floors. Use coasters when necessary. This is especially true when you have stone or tile counter tops. Placing mats in your entryways will protect your floors from scratches and marks, chips and gouges caused by sand and abrasive dirt that comes into the home from shoes. Request that everyone take their shoes off at the entryways too; hall runners and area rugs also help to protect these types of floors.

It is important that you dont underestimate the importance of keeping as much dirt, debris and dust off of your floors as possible. Many people just do not realize the impact that even a trivial amount of debris can have on the integrity of stone and tile flooring. When even the tiniest amount of sand, rock and dirt falls off of shoes and onto the floor, it gets dragged by other people walking on it and other natural movement that occurs in a home. In a very short amount of time, tile and stone flooring will suffer from thousands of very obvious tiny scratches, and when you have thousands of tiny scratches it can be worse than a few large ones. It is easy to perform proper floor cleaning to keep your stone and tile in top shape for many years, looking beautiful and maintaining the aesthetic attractiveness of your entire home.

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