Cleaning Mold

Isn’t it ironic that the place where we wash ourselves is also the place where dirt forms most frequently? We almost don’t even notice the dirt until it is so dark that it’s almost impossible to remove.

Yes, it is in our bathroom that mold most often appears. It is because of a lack of air. Bathrooms are almost always damp and therefore it becomes the perfect place for it to form. It can form under your sink, behind your medicine cabinet, and even right under your plunger where it is almost always neglected since it is very difficult to clean.

Luckily mold is easiest to clean in the bathroom because most of our tools are at our disposal. When it forms in other rooms of the house where there is no water readily available nor cleaning supplies nearby, the task could seem more daunting.

Most households have different types of floors in each bathroom. It is important for you to find out what your floor is made of before you start trying to clean the mold. Some floors are tiled with ceramic or porcelain. Others are made of marble or crystalline. Prepare the tools you need to properly clean the type of flooring you have.

You will need:

Soap, detergent or disinfectant, a brush, a dry towel to wipe and another to dry, vinegar (do not use vinegar with marble floor and crystalline tiles) and baking soda.

You do not have to all of these tools together. Simply choose the ones you prefer. After you have everything you need, start cleaning that unwanted mold.

Before you begin cleaning, make sure you wear rubber gloves and a mask. Begin by wetting the molded surface with water. A wet surface is not only easier to clean but will also prevent scattering of the fungi, hence making it airborne. It is preferable that you use a spray bottle to do this. If you use a spray, you can focus on solely wetting the area. The wet area will loosen the mold from the surface making your job easier.

You can either choose to scrub or wipe it. If I were you, I would scrub instead of wiping. When you are scrubbing, make sure to use some elbow grease. (I.e. Use your muscles and press hard) A disinfectant is a very effective tool in cleaning mold. Disinfecting the molded surface ensures that any residue is taken off. Disinfectant will also leave a nice scent in the bathroom.

After you’ve cleaned up the black mess, make sure you keep an eye out to make sure it doesn’t come back. Sometimes mold disappears temporarily. If it does reappear, simply repeat the above steps until it’s gone for good. To avoid it in your bathroom, try to keep the bathroom dry. If water spills on the floor, dry it right away; do not let it sit for long periods of time. Also, when showering, always turn on the fan or open the windows. When you are finished showering, it is a good ideas to use a squeegee type tool to remove excess water from the shower walls.

Sabrina Rocca
Author: The Ultimate House Cleaning Checklist Book
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