Carpet Cleaning

 The thickness of the wool carpet generate flexibility and insulation that people can not tread, sitting, lying comfortable feel cynical. Good thermal insulation properties of wool carpets is because the wool fiber has a very low thermal conductivity, making heat dissipation is not easy. Its a good sound-absorbing ability can be greatly reduced noise, to absorb sound waves up to 50% of energy.

In the general humidity of the wool itself, will account for 13% -18% of the weight of water, in exceptional conditions, the wool also can reach 33% moisture content, it is this particular nature, it in high-humidity environment, It can absorb moisture from the air, in the air-drying Shi You can release their moisture.

In a variety of mechanical products, chemical fiber products flooding today, hand-knotted carpets are increasingly demonstrated its environmental value. Wool carpet also has a good flame retardancy, anti-pollution performance pedal, easy to clean characteristics, after several years of use, sent to the factory cleaning, color is still bright as ever. In addition, the manual also has a hedging effect of wool carpets, a carpet covered with eight or ten years, not only will not cut prices will be added.


 1, see

Debate Ming La carpets and smoke twisted twist carpet. Knotting the two processes is almost the same, but differ in form variable twist. Twisted than the old way of smoking is generally a high channel count thin, light carpets are using this technology; while pulling the carpet pile head twisted density, blankets back quite real, commonly seen in soft, thick carpet, and Ethics in the number of ranking points. On the carpet back to see a Road, which is pumping a white weft twist carpet, otherwise it is pulling twist carpet.

Look at the color of carpet surface. The carpet tile in the light, bright office, watching the whole carpet color should be coordinated, should not be color and different colors of the Department, the dye should also be uniform, taboo suddenly concentrated suddenly pale. Degree from the color can also discern the source of raw materials, such as New Zealand’s wool fiber relatively long, and white, easy to dye, color degrees higher; while some domestic wool fiber is short, yellowish color, color to be relatively badly.

To see patterns, the overall composition to be complete, the pattern should be clear and rounded lines, colors, contours and colors to be clear-cut between.

 See carpet surface. High-quality carpet carpet surface is not only smooth and dense and should be end of a thread, no lack of defects.

2, touch

Raw materials, hand-knotted carpets of latitude and longitude lines used in all cotton, wool knot used in all pure wool. Usually the “channel number” (longitude and latitude of the density – the amount of knots per square foot), and the exquisite patterns and the advantages and disadvantages to determine grade level. Of which:

 90 Carpet: 8100 per square foot gross hand to play guitar; 120 carpet: 14400 per square foot gross hand to play guitar; 150 carpet: 22500 per square foot gross hand to play guitar; Road, a few more knots the more much more sophisticated designs, Mo Shangqu more compact, good elasticity, its lodging resistance, the better.

3 to determine the manner laid

Chemical fiber carpet with block full of shops and small shop two kinds of fight. Shop over a one-block shape fixed on the room floor; small shop is dedicated to fight blanket block, only floating shelf placed flat on the ground, and therefore require a higher degree of leveling the ground. The former is suitable for the general laying, which require frequent changing for the way of furniture placed in the room.

4, see appearance quality

Velvet carpet to see the high high high velvet carpet yarn correspondingly will be done, so Jiaogan good.

Look at the density of the carpet will be woven carpets Shun check Muro at the end of the direction of bending, such as seamless at the end, then the density is generally good.

 Wool carpet to see a sense of their hands across their sense of a better description velvet carpet carpet veil of finer denier monofilament, easy to use, lodging, easy to use.

 Carpet weaving the surface is neat, velvet head a high degree of consistency, with or without lack of hair, low hair, high hair, more hair, cut hair defects.

 Carpet surface color is uniform, with or without color, oil and other quality problems.

 Carpet back to see whether the strong bonding, with or without open glue, adhesive glue seepage bad, and so forth.

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