Bathroom Home Improvement Tips

A bathroom is a often used room with very high importance in a household. In America, it is becoming more and more rare to see a house built with only one bathroom. There are many houses in the real estate market that list the number of bathrooms immediately after the number of bedroom. The baths are listed as full and half baths. A full bath is actually determined by whether or not there is a bathtub in the room.

To qualify as a full bath, there has to be a toilet sink and actual bathtub, because agents have gotten cute and qualified a three-quarter bath if it only has a shower in the room. A powder room or half bathroom is only a sink and toilet.

Bathrooms are one of the most important rooms in the home renovation game, with the largest return on the dollars spent, next to kitchens. You can really bring the value of a home up when you increase the number of bathrooms in a home.

Renovations in a bathroom usually consists of improving the plumbing, installing updated fixtures and bathtubs and sinks, custom cabinets and storage spaces and revamping the tile and flooring. It is also important to be able to maintain the room and keep it in good shape over time as the water in the room makes it a very important room to keep well preserved.

Things that are usually included in a bathroom renovation are a change in the actual fixtures and appearance of the room with new tiles and sinks and countertops. It also often includes the replacing or refurbishing of cabinets, mirrors, lighting fixtures, as well as sink and bathtub handles and spouts all the way down to new shelves or towel racks and hooks.

There are several things you can do that aren’t as expensive as all of those things to enhance a bathroom as well. If you are only wanting to spend a small amount of money, find a fantastic paint color and some new fresh towels, throw in a matching shower curtain to tie it all together and you can create a whole new look in your bathroom for less than a hundred dollars.

Another helpful part of any bathroom renovation is to create a safer bathroom environment. Especially in today’s ever increasing older population, safety in the form of handles in the bathtub or shower, step in showers and baths, nonskid surfacing in baths and on bathroom floors, and higher toilet seats all improve both the safety and function for anyone in the bathroom. Safety is always an important issue and anything you can do to increase the safe use of your home will increase the value.

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