Ceramic tile styles and effects.

Ceramic tiles offer versatility and a large design choice for both wall tiles and floor tiles, ceramic tiles are one of the most versatile tiles because they are ideal for almost any room in the house, are heat proof, scratch proof and extremely strong and durable. There are many different styles and designs in which to choose from with many ceramic tiles offering marble and wood effect designs which make great additions for kitchen and bathroom floors.

There are the marble effect ceramic wall and floor tiles which come in a range of odours and shades, these ceramic marble effect tiles gives the look and feel of marble with the versatility of ceramic tiles. They are ideal in bathrooms, kitchens, hallways and conservatories.

Wooden floors have been popular for years and offer traditional and contemporary feels, they make great additions for kitchen floors but over a large area, wood can become expensive and will need to be constantly maintained. Ceramic tiles and porcelain tiles can both be purchased in a wood style effect and come in different shades from darker wooden tones to lighter pine wood shades. Choosing wood effect ceramic tiling gives the home owner the chance to have the versatility of ceramic tiles with the style and glamour of wooden floors.

Patterns and finishes can be easily incorporated in the design of ceramic tiles to imitate the look of natural stone tiles.  Natural stone tiles are really rather beautiful but some natural some tiles are not suitable for particularly wet and moist areas like the bathroom. Ceramic tiles that imitate natural stone tiles offers the beautiful and stylish look of natural stone whilst remaining versatile and ideal for a bathroom environment.  Natural stone tiles are also generally heavier tiles and extra preparation is needed if some natural stone tiles are installed on walls, ceramic tiles are lighter but can still give the natural stone appearance.

Natural slate tiles are very popular because they are also very durable tiles that come in different shades. The darker shades of slate tile are extremely popular for busy traffic areas such as the kitchen floor. Ceramic tiles can also be purchased in the style of slate tiles and come in various shades and colours.

Ceramic tiles are very versatile and now come in so many colours and shades that there is almost a style and design that will suit your personal preferences and your existing decor. Always take the time to look around at the different styles and designs available before making your final choice.




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