Professional House Cleaning Services

No matter how much we deny it, toilet and bathroom cleaning is one of the household tasks we really wish we could get through as quickly as possible. Unlike cleaning living rooms or bedrooms which only need weeping, vacuum cleaning, and/or mopping, toilet and bathroom cleaning really need all the extra effort in scrubbing, washing, wiping, and brushing. But despite all that, we cannot just simply ignore the fact that toilet and bathroom are truly important part our homes and our lives. It plays an essential purpose that we should appreciate and be aware of.

However, with our busy schedules, demanding jobs, and hectic lifestyle nowadays, it seems that we more likely give up doing chores simply because we simply have no time. But since we have still always wanted to keep our home clean most especially our toilet and bathrooms, we switch on maid cleaning services to do all the cleaning for us. This tendency is what makes cleaning services a really profitable business. It has been really in demand for years. So if you are planning to establish or you already have one, here are some tips on how to effectively clean toilet and bathroom that will surely impress your clients.

• Start first with the hardest part to clean like the toilet bowl, soap container, and sink, and then proceed on cleaning the walls and tiles, and lastly, clean and scrub the floor. By this way, you would save time and effort in cleaning since you do not need to repeat cleaning the floors after you have cleaned the other bathroom parts.

• You can use baking soda in lukewarm water when removing soap crust in soap container. But if it seems that soap crust is not much glued to the container, you can simply brush it but be sure you will not slip on the fragments of soap that falls on the floor.

• Lime or hard water that had developed in on sinks and sides of the drain can be cleaned pouring on it acids like vinegar and/or lemon juice. For fiber glass, do not use acids for it might taint the surface. Also ask the clients about their preferred cleaning material for these since there are a lot of safe commercial cleaning materials available in the market. Always read the labels carefully before using any cleaning material.

• If there is leak or problem in the client’s bathroom plumbing, inform the client right away so that it would be repaired immediately. Dripping water from broken plumbing will only stain the sink and bathroom tiles again.

• As much as possible, do not use abrasive cleaning tools in toilet and bathroom because they more likely scratch and leave mark on surfaces. Soft brushes and sponges are the safest materials to use. But if it is inevitable to use abrasive materials like in cleaning coarse tiles, just be careful in handling them.

• Avoid using cleaning agents, like scouring powder, that can only scratch walls, tiles and sinks.

• Finally, always clean faucets. You can simply use soap and water in cleaning spots on chrome finish. Brush the under edges of the faucet and then dry it off using paper towels.

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