Do-it-yourself Bathroom Design Ideas

With comparatively little expense, your bathroom can be noticeably transformed into a unique design look with the addition of either porcelain tiles or ceramic tiles on the walls, bathtub, backsplashes, bath shower areas or on the floor itself.

Coming in a wide variety of selections both porcelain tiles and ceramic tiles can set the mood and provide the specific ambiance needed to accommodate the home owner’s choice of lifestyle. Whether they be Italian, French, Portuguese or Spanish-styled tiles all are readily available in either porcelain or ceramic which are among the most common tiles used.

In addition to porcelain tiles or ceramic tiles there are several do-it-yourself design ideas for the bathroom such as: changing fixtures, changing cabinets, replacing cabinet doors and hardware. And obviously, the least expensive of all being painting.

Let Us Examine Some of the Design Ideas that are Mentioned Above:

Changing Fixtures while not absolutely necessary will add to the overall look of the theme or color scheme of the bathroom area. These fixtures can be of a more elegantly, pleasing finish and texture such as: brushed-nickel, bronze or bronze-nickel finish, simulated gold-plated or a simple chrome finish. In addition, certain features such as a square shower head, remote control mechanism or the actual spray style intensity to disperse water also make attractive additions to the shower stall. Similar finishes as those found in the shower can be applied to the sink faucets and even toilet levers.

A Change of Toilet Facility with complementary colors and possibly even a European-styled Bidet will also add a touch of class to many a home’s bathroom facilities and will be certain to turn into the conversation piece of many bathroom visitors.

Changing or Replacing Cabinet Doors is another fairly inexpensive touch that will instantly change the demeanor of the humble bathroom or guest powder room. This is a good user-friendly technique which can be accomplished by simply measuring the cabinet door to be changed or replaced and taking a trip to the home improvement warehouse nearest you with the measurements.

Replacing a Cabinet Vanity is another manner in which to totally transform the bathroom area and does require a little “know-how” but this also can be done by surfing through the Internet and looking up appropriate website tutorials of which there are many.

Comparatively inexpensive, the bathroom can be easily transformed into a unique design look which will last for a long time.

Deborah is a journalist and a designer. She writes for popular magazines on interior design and several other topics. She is currently working for a company that sells ceramic tiles, and is also writing for some popular blogs.