Ceramic and Natural stone tiles used on Floors

Ceramic Tiles have been popular for years and now come in a wide variety of colours and designs; ceramic Tiles are extremely strong and durable and make great additions to both kitchen and bathrooms floors, although they can of course be used on walls also. Ceramic floor tiles are very cost effective in comparison to other tiles and will add real value and style to any kitchen or bathroom. If used on floors it will almost certainly be advised to seal, sealed tiles are then protected from any stains, spillages or accidents. Sealing of the tiles will last quite a few years before it may need to be done again but the advantages are huge.

Ceramic Tiles are also great for areas where there is moisture and they are of course easy to clean and maintain which is vital in areas such as kitchens and bathrooms. Ceramic Tile designs vary hugely and there will almost certainly be a tile that suits your personal preferences and the existing decor.

Natural stone tiles are also a great tile for floors in kitchens especially; some home owners also opt for natural stone tiles in the bathroom area where they will add both elegance and style.  The advantages of natural stone tiles are plentiful; they are an incredibly durable tile which makes them ideal for busy areas where there will almost certainly be spillages, knocks and accidents. Natural stone tiles are also very easy to clean and come in a range of materials. Limestone and marble are both popular materials although marble will work out more expensive in comparison to other natural stone materials.  Other stone materials include travertine, sandstone and slate and all these materials are all considered suitable for the home.

Some stone materials are porous and for this reason they will almost certainly need to be sealed to maintain the tile. Some stone materials will also require different installation to others and you can obtain this information from all good tile suppliers who will also be able to advise installers should you decide to have the job done professionally.

Natural stone can also be used on walls but there are certain materials that may not be suitable for this area because of the weight of the stone and again you will need to get the best advice on the most suitable stone tiles for particular areas.

Natural stone tiles and ceramic tiles make great additions to any kitchen and bathroom and done properly will certainly last the test of time.

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