Speedy House Cleaning Tips

Want to get your house cleaning done as fast as possible? Here are some tips.

Having a neat home can be achieved in a rapid manner with a few time management and house cleaning tips. Don’t let procrastination and dread of drudgery keep you from checking off your tidying to-do list. Once a system is in place, household inhabitants can finish this task speedily. Why take all day scrubbing when you can be out the door to more enjoyable endeavors? Here are some tips for being a speedy cleaner:

– Set the timer: One of the easiest ways to nudge yourself into pulling out the cleansers, mops and buckets is to tell yourself that you only have to clean for a specified amount of time. One hour? Two hours? Make a timeslot selection and set the timer. Knowing that once the buzzer dings, you will be off the hook will be an extreme motivator. Not only that, your house will be neatened up.

– Turn on the music: Drag out the wild rock-and-roll music of yesteryear and let Jimi Hendrix and Janis Joplin sing you into rapid cleaning. Dance along; sing along as your scurry around feather dusting to the oldies. Your place will be tidy, you’ll get exercise and you’ll have fun! What more could one ask for?

– Enlist your housemate: Make a deal with your spouse or significant other in order to get them to help. Cleaning partners will get the job done twice as fast. Divide up the rooms and have a race. Put on the music and get to it! The winner gets to choose where you go for dinner or gets a backrub. A cleaner house will happen more quickly as well as a romantic date for later on.

– Keep all cleansers in a caddy: Stock a plastic carrying tote with window cleaner, squeegee, feather duster, furniture polish, all-purpose spray-on cleanser and rags. Don’t waste time running back to the cupboard to hunt down products and tools. Keep them all readily available as you run from room to room.

– Black trash bag: As you make your rounds, take a large black plastic trash bag with you. Empty any debris, floor sweepings and the contents of wastebaskets into the bag before toting it into the next room. Slam-dunk the thing into the outside garbage receptacle when you’re done.

– Work from left to right, up to down: Don’t waste time wondering if you cleaned something or retracing your steps. Move around the spaces in a methodical manner and you’ll be onto the next room before you know it.

House cleaning doesn’t have to be a long and drawn out process. Check off the chore list quickly and head out the door to have more adventures.

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