Home Improvement – Build A Closet

If you deal with storage issues installing a closet is a good means of remedying this issue. In several cases you can make an existing closet more efficient by putting in more shelves and rods. But even in an area which had no closet before, installing a closet is pretty simple so if you choose to install a closet, here is a basic guide for helping you do it. We’ll suppose that you already possess walls for your closet and the closet itself is all you have to install. Here is what you will need:

Required Tools

Nail gun
Air compressor
Stud finder
Tape measure
Chop saw
Required Materials
Closet Materials
1.5-2 inch brad nails
1×4 boards
1.25 inch brad nails
Rod holders
Closet rod
Rod support brackets


Firstly use the tape measure to decide how much room you have for the closet. Decide how many shelves you will require, how much rods for clothes, how much door will be required, the swing of the door, and how much and what kind of supplies you will need to build the closet.

Use the chalk or pencil to trace the outline of the closet on the wall where the closet will be so that you have a rough idea of how each piece will be placed and fit together. Use the stud finder to find where the studs are in the wall and indicate them using the chalk so you can quickly locate them later on.

With the chop saw, cut your closet supplies to the required length and then proceed to plug in the compressor and nail gun. Fill up the nail gun using the brad nails and you are set to go. Start by putting up the 1×4 boards and nailing them into the studs which were previously marked. Cut the shelving material you purchased for the closet to suit the design you chose and use the 1.25 inch nails to affix them to the 1×4 stringers you attached to the walls.

Now utilize the drill to screw the rod holders into the 1×4 side stringers and then cut the closet rod if necessary to get it to hold and insert it into the rod holders. It will act as a support for the closet shelves and rods. Then use the drill and 1.5 inch screws to put up the rod support brackets a maximum of 3 feet apart; all that is left now is to put in the various shelves and your new closet is ready for use.
As far as the door is concerned, utilize drywall to cover the space over where the door will be and then put in whichever door you select.

Sliding doors or outward swinging doors are recommended as swinging doors. Since it may be difficult to open when all the shelves and your garments are put in.

Use putty to fill out any uneven spots when you are finished.

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