The versatility of ceramic wall and floor tiles.

There are two aspects to consider when choosing wall tiles and floor tiles, the versatility of the tile and the suitability for the room and the design factors. We need a tile that looks good but is practical, hardwearing and easy to maintain. The maintenance of tiles is especially important if you have a family home and time is short because high maintenance tiles will certainly be harder work in the long run.

The style and design of floor tiles and wall tiles is also a big factor because we need a tile material that has lots of design choice. We are all different in the design we choose and this is largely down to personal preferences, having a wide choice in which to choose from gives us a larger scope when planning and designing a kitchen or bathroom.

Ceramic wall tiles and ceramic floor tiles are probably one of the most versatile tiles that offer all of the above, they are versatile, strong and incredibly durable and now come in a wide selection of design choice. There are different finishes of ceramic tiles, some have a polished finish; others have more of a matte finish. The polished variety especially is ideal for bathroom themes and they will add elegance and style as well as being easy to clean and maintain.

There are many different patterns that can be achieved with ceramic tiles and there are different sized tiles that can be installed together in the form of a pattern on floors especially. The basket and weave pattern are just a couple of designs that can be used on the floors that will create different looks and finishes.

Ceramic tiles can also be used in many other places around the home,  hallways, entryways and living areas can all be tiled using ceramic tiles. Although the living area is a less common room to tile, many home owners like the practicality of floor tiles in this area which can add a real modern and minimalistic look and feel.

Ceramic tiles are ideal wall tiles and floor tiles, they also make great additions to backsplash areas and kitchen countertop tiles. Many home owners now use tiles for their countertops and ceramic tiles are an ideal option because they are very strong and durable as well as being heat proof, this ensures they will not stain easily.

Ceramic tiles are no longer confined to neutral plain shades and the choice is now wide with many new designs now on the market.

Tile choice offer a wide variety of tile choice for the walls and floors, we also supply underfloor heating systems.