House Cleaning Tips For The Bathroom

House cleaning can be arduous work and the bathroom is one of the places in a home which may need extra time and effort. Soap scum and alkaline deposits are just a few of the things which may be present in the bathroom which are difficult to remove.

Soap scum and others

The reality of it is that people use the bathroom daily which means there is always a big possibility of it getting dirty sooner rather than later. One of the things that really stands out is soap scum. While some tile colors can actually make this difficult to detect, many of the tile colors will eventually show this and necessitate house cleaning. One way to actually prevent the accumulation of other minerals from the water and soap scum is to take the time to wipe dry the bathroom fixtures that may have gotten wet with a dry cloth. This will prolong the accumulation of minerals and soap scum which will make the metal fixtures appear dull and spotty. For those who do not have the time everyday to wipe the fixtures clean, it may be a good idea to clean them weekly, during Saturdays or Sundays with a fixture of vinegar and water. If the soap scum or mineral deposits are already present and there is some difficulty in taking them out, the vinegar should be increased in part to the water.

Mold and Mildew

The shower curtain may also accumulate things other than residue from the water and the soap. Mold may develop if the shower curtain is always moist. It is a good idea to spread out the curtain after each use as well as the towels since these can also be a place where molds may grow. Having towel rods or racks may be a good place to hang them out to dry. These help prevent more house cleaning work since mold can be dangerous for a person’s health. Part of bathroom cleanliness is to check for the growth of mold colonies which can develop in any place where it is moist and warm. It is also important to ventilate the bathroom to allow the wetness to dry quickly and to let in fresh air to prevent the mold and the mildew from developing. Mildew can grow in between the tiles which can present itself as black, slimy growth. Sometimes they cannot be fully eradicated from the place where they grow so it is important to prevent them from growing or to use a strong chemical to get rid of them for good. This will also prevent them from growing back on the same area.

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