Ceramic floor tiles and the Glazed and unglazed varieties.

As well as the many materials that are available in floor tile options, there are also lots of finishes available, from matte, glazed and unglazed. This can sometimes confuse many home owners because although they appreciate the appearance differences, they are unsure as to which is the best floor tile option.

Ceramic floor tiles are an ideal flooring solution and they can be glazed or unglazed depending on your personal preferences. There are differences in both the appearance of the two finishes and the way they function and perform as floor tiles.

The glazed variety of ceramic floor tiles are treated additionally by spraying a paint like substance onto them before firing them for a second time at very high temperatures.  The second firing of the ceramic floor tile makes it have a shiny and gloss like appearance which can be different colours depending on the particular range of floor tiles.

The glazed variety of ceramic floor tiles will be very strong and durable as well as having a very low absorbency rate, making them ideal for a flooring material.  On the other hand, ceramic floor tiles that do not undergo the final firing process and the extra glass will be unglazed ceramic floor tiles. The varieties of ceramic unglazed floor tiles are a non slip floor tile and are ideal for busy areas of the home such as the kitchen floor. The unglazed variety will however absorb water and stains and are more porous unless they receive any extra treatment. This can be in the form of a sealant which will protect the floor tile from any spillages and accidents.
The glazed variety of floor tile are also supplied in a matte finish and textured finish which gives the home owner the best of both worlds, a floor tile solution that provides anti slip properties and a different finishes. . A glazed ceramic floor tile will not normally require any further treatment such as sealant as the floor tile is already resistant to stains and moisture from the way it has been manufactured and largely as a result of the second firing process.

The glazed variety of ceramic tiles are very versatile tiles and are not just used as floor tiles, they are commonly found in bathrooms installed as wall tiles where the gloss finish is very desirable. The gloss shine appearance of this wall tile is very attractive for home decor and is commonly used also as wall tiles in kitchen areas such as backsplash areas and behind cooker hobs.

The varieties of glazed and unglazed floor tiles is endless and floor tiles are not just supplied in solid colours, many of the floor tile patterns can have decorative patterns of many variations.
It can be confusing for many home owners when selecting floor tile materials because there is more to a floor tile than the material, with many different finishes and treatments. The best way forward is to get as much advice as you can when selecting floor tiles and all good tile stores will be more than happy to advise on the pros and cons of the different varieties of wall tiles and floor tiles.


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