Cleaning Silver Jewelry at Home

While gold has always been the king of jewelry, but there is a distant relative of gold, or the queen of jewelry; that is Silver.

However it not so expensive to buy silver jewelry, but cleaning silver jewelry can be a daunting task, unless you know how to go about it.

Here are few quick solutions that will surely come handy:

Cleaning Silver Jewelry with Baking Soda: All you need is a large vessel with an aluminum foil plate in it. The vessel has to be half filled with hot water and about ¼th cup worth of baking soda and an equal amount of salt. Put whatever silver jewelry you have into this homemade jewelry cleaner. Move it around for a bit and then allow it to stand still for 10 minutes. Now take the silver jewelry out of this solution and rinse it with running cold tap water.

Cleaning Silver Jewelry with Toothpaste: This is an easy one, instead of brushing your teeth, all you need to do is brush you silver jewelry this time around. Just be careful and don’t get too harsh, just brush is gently and you will get the desired results.

Cleaning Silver Jewelry with Mild Detergent: Add detergent to hot water and use a soft cloth to wash your silver jewelry in it. Then wash them in cold water and pat dry.

Cleaning Silver Jewelry with Gruel: You will need to work with the white starchy water that is left behind when you boil rice. You will have to immerse your silver jewelry into this gruel for some time. Then, rub the stained areas with a soft bristled brush and after sometime hold it in hot water and rinse. Thereafter, dry your silver jewelry and it would be as good as it was when you bought it.

Just to have the icing on the cake, you can even buy silver polish from the market, but why spend all that extra money when simple home remedies can suffice your need to cleaning and keeping your Silver Jewelry in its finest shine.

The Author is a professional writer, presently writing for silver pendant and fashion jewelry