Cleaning Foreclosure Homesc

The number of foreclosure homes entering the market does not seem to be abating, adding to the already bloated quantity of properties waiting for new buyers and new owners. In the meantime, these homes need regular maintenance so that they can continue to be attractive to buyers.

Basic maintenance of foreclosure homes is one of the problems facing home sellers now. The sheer number of homes can sometimes make it quite challenging to tend to each unit in the same level of care. This is where a new business opportunity can be created. One does not need to start big and offer all the maintenance services needed by abandoned homes. Most of the time, what these homes require the most is a thorough cleaning.

Starting a Foreclosures Cleaning Business

It is easier to start small, especially if this is the first venture. After developing your business model, you can pick a place to operate in and accomplish all the requirements for starting a business. You have to be able to determine the elements of the cleaning service you will offer as well as the cost of the service. Your packages should suit the cleaning needs of banks and other mortgage providers who have the most number of foreclosure homes that require cleaning.

You can start by advertising your company in classified ads and you can also distribute flyers and post signs in high traffic areas. Take photos of the first few homes that you will clean and use them to advertise your services as well.

Cleaning foreclosure homes can be a demanding task, especially if you land a deal for a good number of properties. You have to be prepared for the amount of work it entails. Consider hiring subcontractors for work that you feel you may not be able to accomplish on your own. This would include cleaning windows and other glass, cleaning swimming pools, or gardening. Later on, you may want to expand your services and venture into making minor repairs like stripping the floors, replacing the glass in the windows, or even patching holes in the roof.

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