Tiles,tile choices

Natural stone flooring is very popular and decorates any room with a beautiful, elegant finish.  Years ago stone flooring was used throughout the home for its durability and versatility. These days’ stone flooring is as popular as ever and is used in kitchens, bathrooms and living areas.

Years ago stone flooring was hard to come by because of the exhausting and lengthy process of preparing the stone, these days stone tiles are readily available and come in many different shapes and sizes.  Stone tiles are also extremely affordable which makes them a popular choice with homeowners.

Limestone tiles are a good choice because they come in many different patterns and shapes which will suit any particular room and surroundings.  Granite tiles are great for large areas such as the kitchen where there is lots of activity going on. Granite tiles are durable, strong and come in different colours to suit any particular room.

If you are serious about stone tiling the first aspect of any tiling job is to consider the different types of stone and their qualities. We have mentioned Granite and limestone and another stone choice is marble.  Marble is considered the most elegant tile and for this reason is more expensive, it is also less durable than other tiles but marble tiles add chic to any room and leave a fantastic elegant finish.

Slate is a good, durable tile and very versatile and comes in many different shades and is good for matching to other tiles such as granite. Travertine tiles have a natural tile appearance and colours typically include natural stone shades and beiges. Travertine tiles are durable fbutare more prone to staining than some of the other stone choices.

Other stone tiles include Mosaics and engineered stone. Mosaics are versatile and durable tiles and come in many different colours and styles. Engineered stone is a complete natural stone which is durable and cheaper than other tile choices.  Lastly sandstone is a softer stone but is susceptible to staining but sandstone will also give you an elegant appearance and with care and attention, sandstone will be a beautiful addition to any room.

Choosing the right tile choice is the one important aspect of stone tiling and it is really important from the onset to consider where your tiles are going to go and what finish the tiles are going to have.  Hones and polished finishes are the most popular but other choices include natural, smooth and glossy. Many good tile companies will help you make the right choice and offer advice and information on how best to approach your tiling project.

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