The Advantages of Slate Tile Flooring

Slate tile flooring is made from a metamorphic rock that can be found all over the world.  There are many different colors and types of slate tile to choose from to use on your flooring projects.  Slate offers a less slippery surface which makes it an ideal tile to use in your kitchen or bathroom.  Since it comes in a variety of sizes and colors it offers the homeowner a chance to incorporate a more natural look to a room and add some color.

Slate tile has a lot of positive qualities to offer the homeowner, it has a rough surface which avoids slipping, and it is a great source of thermal resistance and is highly durable making it perfect for high traffic areas in your home.  If you decide to install a floor heating system underneath your floor slate is a perfect tile to use because of its strength and ability to capture and hold in heat. 

Although slate produces a heavy and durable form of tile, it can only do so if it is cut in the proper size and thickness.  Slate must cut thicker than an average tile to keep it from cracking and flaking.  If it cut properly your slate floor will last for years.  Once you have put your slate tile down, it is important to remember to use a grout that is specifically designed for use with slate tile.  Once you have grouted it is also important that you seal your tile and grout to help keep the slate from staining and to keep out excess moisture.  This process should be done every few years to help keep your slate tile looking and performing at its best.

Because of the different ways in which you can use slate to cover your floors, there are many options available to choose from.  If you are not a fan of large floor tiles, but you want to use slate tile, you may want to consider using slate mosaic tiles.  They are smaller and allow you to create different patterns or incorporate different colors into your décor.  By choosing slate tile you are not limited to large rocky tiles, there are many different and appealing styles for homeowners to choose from and it can be used in virtually any room in your house. 

Slate tile flooring is very versatile and durable which makes it an excellent choice in floor coverings.  It can also pose installation problems for any beginner; if you are not sure that you have the skills necessary to install your slate tile correctly you may want to consider consulting a professional to do the work for you.  Once your floor is installed you will be able to enjoy a beautiful and natural floor for years to come.

Shawn Hickman is the Online Marketing Manager for Sears Home Improvements. If you need more information on Slate Tile Flooring, visit the flooring section of our website.