The Advantages of Travertine Tile Flooring

Travertine tile is a stone tile that has become more popular in recent years.  It may also be called travertine marble or travertine limestone in some regions.  Although it is related to these materials it is not marble or limestone but is in the same type of group.  Travertine deposits can typically be found near hot springs or wet caves.  Due to the different areas where travertine is found it comes in a variety of shades and textures. 

Because of the durability of travertine tile, it has become a popular tile to use in many outdoor settings.  It can be used in patios, swimming areas or lounging areas in your yard.  It can handle the varying temperatures and weather better than other types of tile can.  This makes it a better choice if you are planning on installing tile outside.

Travertine is available in a number of finishes ranging from glossy, shiny or a matte finish.  During the manufacturing process some of the natural holes in the tiles are filled so that they tile can be cut and smoothed before it reaches the final production stage.  There are some types of travertine tile available that still have some of the natural holes, which are caused by air bubbles during the process of travertine being formed within the earth’s surface.  Some homeowners may prefer the natural beauty of the existing holes showing. 

This gives the tile a much earthier, natural look and feel.
While travertine tile may be a strong and sturdy tile, it does have some weakness that should be considered before installation.  Travertine is very vulnerable to acid.  This vulnerability may make it unsuitable for use in the kitchen where there are typically a lot of acidy foods around.  Simply by spilling orange juice on your floor may cause damage that other types of tile can withstand. 

Travertine tiles are produced in a wide variety of sizes ranging from small mosaic pieces to larger squares and even slabs.  The smaller sizes may be more suitable in bathrooms, while the larger sizes may be more appropriate for outside.  The different sizes available offer homeowners a lot of different ways in which to incorporate travertine tiles into their designs.  The durability and natural look of travertine can be used in a wide range of designs which has helped to make it one of the more popular tiles available today.  As with any tile, travertine should be well sealed to help protect it from any spills or leaks that may occur in the room where it is installed.  With the proper care your travertine tile floor will last for many years and offer you a beautiful type of floor.

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