Ceramic Tile — For A Natural Flooring Option

Ceramic tile offers many advantages as a floor choice if you wish to avoid petroleum based flooring in your home. Carpet and vinyl flooring not only are mostly oil based, they also stink, sorry but it’s true, when new. Plus those floors continue to off-gas for years as the fumes become part of your body.

It isn’t that ceramics are a low energy product really. The production of tile uses prodigious amounts of energy actually. All that baking and heating sucks up energy in a big way. But at least after manufacture the tiles should last for decades or in some cases centuries. That durability makes for a much longer lived product than typical vinyl flooring or carpet.

What’s more, installation of ceramic materials must be done probably only once in the lifetime of most users. Whereas most competing products must be removed and replaced, with all the attendant hassles and cost, multiple times within a lifetime.

Tile installation works so well in so many different circumstances too. Perfect for bathrooms, it there works well on just about every surface from counter tops to shower pans as well as walls and floors.

It really functions well in any room. Even in kitchens, where tile counter tops have been seen as a luxury choice for years, ceramic makes for a great floor. Though dropped dishes and pots and pans often end up cracked when dropped. But besides that problem, the tile makes for a great kitchen floor covering. But then it works outdoors too.

In additions tile is more than practical since it can be an art form too. The installation of the tile involves art, but each individual piece represents art too. That can be in the form of textures or designs or painting on tiles.

Not only is the material environmentally friendly, it also stands up to hard use and is relatively easy to keep clean and easy to maintain. Repair really presents few problems too. A cracked tile can be easily removed and replaced. If no pieces are available to match, a totally contrasting art piece can be used as a replacement for a bit of an artistic touch.

Note that part of a floor is not just the tile pieces but also the grout as well. That’s why careful planning of grout can be a large part of the success of a floor. Different types of grout work best in different applications. Some modern grout materials are all but waterproof and make for easy maintenance and cleaning as well.

Other more natural flooring choices like cork, real linoleum and even wood all have limitations. Especially when looking at cost to install and maintain, ceramic tile represents one of the best materials to use in place of vinyl or carpet for flooring. Our articles includes free hints for tiling a shower.

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