House cleaning for the holidays

A house is not a home without some mess, right? But with all the winter holidays approaching, most of us like to do a little bit extra in terms of house cleaning and tidying before our guests arrive to celebrate – after all, our house is on show as well as ourselves!


In fact, it doesn’t take much to whizz around the house and tidy things away (though you may have trouble persuading the kids of this fact when discussing the state of their own rooms!). If you can enlist the help of other members of the family to do, say, one room each, it’ll be tidy in no time. At least on the outside. After all, no guest is likely to open the cupboard doors to see how tidily the clothes are hung inside, or how neatly the papers are stacked. Are they?


The trouble with a tidy house is that now you can see the dirt and dust you haven’t cleaned through the summer. Well, summer’s a busy time, and you spent most of it outside – what does it matter if you left the house cleaning for a couple of months? Truthfully, not much. But now that fall is here, and winter approaching, we will be spending a lot of time indoors, so the house cleaning just won’t wait any more!


A quick zip around with the vacuum, dust the shelves, and everything will be fine? Well, not really. There are the windows to polish as well, inside and out, and once you start to look at it the porch could do with a lick of paint – and the tiles really need scrubbing in the entrance hall. Don’t forget, that’s the first place the guests will see, so you really want it to make an impression. Then, once they enter the house, one of the first things they’ll notice is the state of the carpet. No amount of house cleaning can make up for a grubby carpet – it’s all around the place, and dirty patches show up clearly even in artificial light. You can remove some stains with household carpet cleaners, for example, sprays you leave to dry and then vacuum up, but they’re usually not all that effective – and when they are, the clean patch just shows up the rest of the carpet!


The quickest way to solve the carpet problem is to get in professional carpet cleaners. You can hire carpet cleaners (the machines) and do the job yourself, but it’s quite a lot of effort (I’ve tried it) and the carpet takes hours to dry. It does come up a good deal better, and is a cheaper option, but not being able to walk around in your own house for hours is rather a bore! Much quicker and, surprisingly, really not much more expensive, is to get the professionals in. Professional carpet cleaners work quickly, have all the chemicals to hand to deal with any tricky stains that may need special care, and leave your carpet both clean and dry! So, for the sake of a little extra money, save yourself a lot of time and work (you can get on with other house cleaning chores, like polishing the family silver, in the meantime). Get the professional carpet cleaners in. You won’t regret it!

Professional Carpet Cleaners can save you a great deal of time and effort, and make your home the envy of all your guests. Look for 0800 carpet cleaning and give yourself a House Cleaning day off!