DIY For The Perfect Fitted Bedroom

Now that you are married and have to share your bedroom with someone, there is so much less space. Begrudgingly you give up some of your closet space to accommodate his stuff. As well you have taken all your clothes and crammed in drawers so he can have some drawer space. So now you need to decide what can be done to make more use of the space you have. When things in a space are organized properly we would be amazed at how much room is actually in there. The key is to make the most of the space you have. This is where a fitted bedroom may work for you.

So you have ruled out buying another house or adding an addition on to the house. Buying a new dresser is not an option as there is no where to put it. A fitted bedroom can help you solve this problem. Things are looked at being built up to free more space. Drawers can also be placed under things like beds and dressers to get more space as well. There are many ways with a fitted bedroom that you can accomplish this. Now you need to consider will you get a contractor or a DIY bedroom.

Fitted bedrooms make a DIY bedroom easy. Planning, as it is most often, is the key here. Know what you are looking for. How much space realistically do you need? Will this accommodate you both? What’s your budget? What is the time frame that you need this done by? Depending on the situation a contractor will more than likely take less time. Yet with a DIY bedroom you can do it quickly enough on your own. More think likely by doing it yourself you will be saving money for your fitted bedroom.

I am sure you will be surprised at how little time this will take you to do, as well as how little the cost. The key is to be prepared and well planned. Have a budget set and a timeframe to work with. Also don’t be shy to ask for assistance from the pros if you need it. I am confident in no time you will have this project completed. You will then have your own space and everyone will be much happier. As well to know you did this on your own will give you quite the feeling of accomplishment. So here’s to a successful project and a less cluttered bedroom.

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