Floor tiles and the different options.

When thinking about floor tiles there are many different types, materials, colours and styles in which to choose from. Depending on what room you are tiling will also determine the material of tile you choose. If you are tiling bathrooms especially, the tiles you choose will have to be suitable for areas of moisture and will almost certainly need sealing in order to protect them. Natural stone tiles which are very popular kitchen floor tiles will also need to be sealed in order to maintain their appearance and protect them from spillages and stains.

Natural floor tiles are a popular choice for kitchens and come in many forms, colours and styles, they are ideal for the kitchen because they are incredibly durable and strong and are ideal for busy areas. Natural stone tiles are also used in Bathrooms and again make ideal tiles once they are sealed and treated.

Ceramic and porcelain tiles are also popular floor tiles because they are also strong and durable and incredibly easy to maintain and clean. Porcelain tiles are also great for areas where there is moisture because their absorption level is very low, this makes them ideal for bathrooms. Porcelain tiles are also very hygienic, much like ceramic tiles they do not absorb moisture easily keeping them hygienic and making them easy to clean.

Other super floor options include slate tiles and quarry tiles which also make great additions to busy areas. Quarry tiles are not often used in bathrooms but are incredibly popular in kitchens as home owners revert back to the good old country cottage feel. Quarry tiles are great for both indoors and outdoors because they are incredibly durable and strong. Quarry tiles in kitchens areas are always better sealed to protect the tile material and once sealed will maintain their appearance for many years. 

Slate tiles are also now becoming more popular as floor tiles and the advantages of slate tiles are endless, they are slip resistant, heat resistant and because they are generally a darker tile, they hide any marks really well. Slate tiles are also very easy to maintain and come in some very earthy shades. Slate tile shades of colour vary and this can add a unique and individual style to any home.

Choosing floor tiles will largely depend on your preferences and your individual style and the existing decor that you have. Taking your time and considering all the options is the key when choosing floor tiles.

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