Are you thinking of home working and need premises?

If you are considering premises for home working why not consider a steel building.  This may seem a quirky choice, but the image of steel buildings has moved on and many new offices and large firms selected steel buildings as their first choice.

Design features.

Advantages of having a steel building are many – gone are the days when design finishes and colours are limited.  The steel have a plastisol coating that give a professional finish and wide range of colour schemes which you can choose from.  The plastisol is hard wearing and is an effective barrier to environmental conditions.  Double sided plastisol sheeting is an affordable and long term solution.

By bonding the thin plastisol skins to a lightweight steel core, it creates a sandwich of composite panel giving a light but rigid panel making the best use of the characteristics of each component.

Nowadays you will also have the choice of having a sandwich of insulation put between the metal sheets, making it a viable option if you would like comfortable work areas.  The steel buildings meet with modern building requirements, minimising heat loss and linings are available that prevent condensation.  Go for the double skin insulated roof and wall sheeting for best effect.

Also consider the advantage of having the opportunity to discuss design options, sizes and layouts with an expert.  You also have the opportunity of a bespoke design at no extra cost.  The steel buildings designs and quotations are free.  This puts you in the position that you have a confirmed design and know the cost.  You can then decide whether having a steel building is a viable option.

If you are a business with expensive tools and machinery one of the headaches is secure storage for tools and materials.  It can be a costly mistake to leave tools and materials out in the weather and the risk of theft.  Steel buildings are great options for both garages and workshops

If you are wondering about how long it takes to erect a Steel building you will be pleasantly surprised. For erecting a double garage as a rough guide: obtaining design and cost – 1-2 days.  Delivery of the materials is 3-4 weeks. A garage build is approximately 3-4 days.  Depending on the design of the office workspace the timescales can also be as impressive.

Pembs Steel Buildings design service allow the sheet steel to be cut to size prior to delivery. This service allows for minimising steel wastage, saving money and materials.  This also ensures a speedier construction.  Steel is recyclable and as the steel frame is bolted to a concrete base. This gives the opportunity to dismantle, and to re-site.

The steel building is complete a property asset giving the ongoing benefit of working from home in a comfortable environment.  The designs are stylishPsychology Articles, yet robust and are suitable for both domestic and commercial use.  It is certainly worth considering as an option.