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Ceramic Flooring And Decorating

If you want instant transformation for your room, start with the floor. There are different kinds of flooring materials, each with its own decorative qualities. Ceramic flooring is a top floor material that can make a room look modern or more understated, elegant or down to earth, or creatively funky that no one would ever mistake you for a boring homeowner.

Ceramic has an earthen terracotta color that looks amazing amidst the pale color of the walls and ceilings. The rich color of the floor will just stand out and give the room an impressive glow. Earthen colors are known too to make a space feel warm and inviting, so that’s a bonus point for welcoming guests or coming home to relax after a long day.

Ceramics also have different shapes, sizes and designs. Geometric patterns are common for a ceramic flooring as well as solid colors. Dark ceramics are outstanding with light walls and ceiling. Depending on the ceramic used, a room can look elegantly old-fashioned or stylishly contemporary.

A floor decorating technique for bringing the decors together, dividing areas with ease and class, and bringing more color, design or shape to a room is to use area rugs. Area rugs embellish the floors but also make the room look more balanced and coordinated. The decors and colors stand out and the room becomes a more appealing space.

Whether you want a clean, sleek floor or one that is embellished and colorful, the bottom line is that no decorating project will ever be a success without including the floors to the equation. If you want a complete makeover, don’t ever forget your floor!

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Decorating Your Bathroom With Ceramic Tile

With ceramic bathroom tiles there is an endless array of design possibilities. Long been held as the standard in bathroom flooring, ceramic tile is used today for a whole lot more. Attractive backsplashes and tiled tubs and showers are just the beginning of the things that can be done with ceramic bathroom tile.

Any color scheme your bathroom needs is achievable with ceramic tile. Available in every shade and color imaginable, ceramic tiles are sure to fit into any décor. Also available in a large range of textures, ranging from smooth glass like finishes to raised and organic texture, the look and feel of your tile is sure to impress.

Installing ceramic bathroom tile is simple for those wishing to do their own bathroom remodel. A smooth laying surface, grout, and patience is all that is required. The grout should always be sealed to prevent it from becoming discolored or growing mildew. For use as flooring, specially made tile is available that is both durable and slip resistant.

For the adventurous, ceramic tile can be used to detail mosaics on walls and floors. Available in both small and large sizes, everything from simple patterns to detailed designs are possible. The smaller the tile, the more room for creativity. Painted tiles are available that are miniature works of art. Often the design will be raised or imprinted into the tile, offering dimension and visual interest not available in any other type of tile.

Ceramic tile also works well as a countertop. Large tiles for the large surface of the counter with small mosaic ceramic tiles around the edges and sinks is an attractive option. The tile can continue up the wall and make a lovely backsplash. Though one color is a good choice, even better is to use complementary shades or to have a strip of a contrasting color along the middle of the backsplash.

Tiled showers are popular and easy to clean. Durable, slip resistant tiles are available just for this purpose. As long as the grout is sealed properly, staining and discoloration is not a concern. Design flexibility will allow you to tie your shower stall into your existing bathroom décor.

Ceramic bathroom tiles are available in every price range. They are more economical than their glass counterparts, and much more durable. Widely available, the choices in ceramic tile are endless. There is a ceramic bathroom tile that will appeal to every taste and budget.

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Interior Decorating – Do It Yourself

At the present time, a lot of home owners are very meticulous when it comes to the interior design of their household. They want to make certain that they will have an excellent house that will get the attention of the neighbors and the visitors. Home interior decorating is not an easy task for the home owner most especially if they do not know yet the right furniture and decorations that are appropriate. However, there are some people who depend on an expert interior designer because they will be the one who will design the entire household.

It will really cost a lot of money if you hire an interior designer because you will need to pay the time, effort and services that the designer made use in making your house perfect. There are some simple ways that you can do for you to be able to decorate your house even without the help of an expert designer. On the other hand, there are also some things that must be considered first before you can decorate your house. In this way, you will no longer spend a lot of money. It is important that you identify the interior finishing of the house so that you can determine what are the appropriate furniture and decoration to use.

When you have a perfect interior finishing, you do not have to buy big decorations because it is better if you choose simple but elegant furniture. You must also determine the adequacy of space that you have so that you will know the appropriate sizes of decorations that will fit in a certain area of the house. Most of the time, living room is the first area where you welcome your visitors. In this way, you want to make certain that the living room will provide your visitors with an excellent ambiance and atmosphere for them to be comfortable with the house.

When the construction of your house has a low ceiling, it is better if you choose a decoration that is elongated and light so as to make the room wider and brighter. However, if your house is made with a high ceiling, you might want to have a transverse decoration to lower the appearance of the ceiling. With simple decorations and furniture, you will be able to create a neat and calming environment inside your house. You do not have to buy an expensive decoration because the curtains and the sofa may be enough to create a perfect interior design.

There are also some home owners who are very creative, and they were the only one who made the interior design of their house with the use of a recycled material or stuff that can still be useful. This provides a great advantage because you are able to benefit from the materials that can no longer be used. There are so many ways when it comes to the interior decorating of the house, but it is important to determine if you are really comfortable with the interior design that you will be choosing.

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Interior Design and Interior Decorating

Interior Design and Interior Decorating


You would have come across the term interior design, interior decorating.  Have you ever explored or tried to find the exact difference between the two terms?  Most of the people get confused with the two terms, which they fail to access the right service during their project. Both the interior designers and decorators have their own important function to play in all kinds of commercial buildings. Interior designers show their excellence in commercial areas especially in designing the interiors of hotel or restaurant spaces. The decorators show their excellence in fixing the right equipments and matching fixtures in the particular space/area. Let us have a brief look about the two major sectors that comes under the architectural stream.


Meaning of interior design


The Nation Council for Interior Design Qualification has defined the term interior design in a clear precise manner. It states that, interior design is a multi-sided profession, which requires creative and technical exposure within an arrangement to attain a sound built interior environment.

Interior designers: The solutions offered by the interior designers are completely functional that help to improve the quality of culture and life. Moreover, the interiors are visually attractive and professional that adds an extra sleek touch in the living space. The work of interior designer involves with planning, decorating, furnishing the interiors. Interior design companies play an important role in setting the interiors for commercial areas. It can be multi-storey shops, IT office, business areas, hotels, hospitals, restaurants, casinos and more. They are hired to design the office interiors, which they work in par with the architecture if the project is in the starting stage. Renovating or building a commercial building with guidance of interior designer will help in a great way, which they aim to offer complete comfort and sleek touch to the interiors. There are recognized qualifications or degrees to master the field-Interior Design. Interior designers make complete use of latest technologies like 3D Max, CADD to render the rough structure format. They start the work only, when the project rough structure gets approved by the clients.


Meaning of interior decorating 

Interior decorating is defined as an art that requires decorating an office space/room to make it easy to use, attractive and should function well with the present architecture. The main goal of interior decorator is to provide a comfortable feel when present in the particular space.

Interior decorators: The work of interior decorators include painting surfaces and walls, choosing fittings, accessories (such as decorative light fixtures) and furniture, applying wallpaper, and presenting other decorative materials for that particular space, for example fixing unique sculptures and wall paintings. Interior decorators are called after the completion of the project by the owners or developers to decorate their multi-storey commercial project. The whole project involves with collecting ideas and requirements of the owners, which the decorators add their creating decorating scheme to bring up a sound functional building. There are part time interior decoration courses taken by the architecture itself to handle the complete project by themselves.


To sum up

Interior decorating is different from interior designing, which each of the fields has its own function. Interior decorators focus on finishes, such as paint, window covering, wall paper, and furnishings. Interior designers focus on manipulating/operating the architectural reliability of the interior space as well as generate a lifestyle experience through the research of environmental psychology.