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The Advantages of Ceramic Tile For Home Decoration

Ceramic tile is a slab of ceramic material made up of mixtures of clays, sand, and other substances. It is molded by required shapes and sizes to fit the customer’s wants and designs. Sizes ranges from 90 cm to one meter while thickness ranges from 5mm to 20-25 mm. It is commonly used for design purposes and technical function. Design purposes are served when the tiles are put together to decorate a wall while technical function is emphasized when they are used as floor coverings. Ceramic tile is usually chosen for its hardness and strength to endure heavy objects laid on it. The properties of tiles are its format, color, and décor. The format is the size and shape of the tile. Usually, tile shapes are square and rectangle.

The use of ceramic tile offers numerous advantages over other coverings. Ceramic tile comes in unlimited variety and colors. There are red, green, brown, blue, orange or a combination of complementary colors. These colors have different meanings and set moods. For instance, blue signifies openness, coolness, and cleanliness. Others also have designs such as flowers and leaves. The choice of design depends on the decoration of the house where it will be installed.

Also, the installation is also relatively easy. Someone knowledgeable can follow a do-it-yourself procedure a successfully put the tile together. Unlike other covering, installation do not require professional touch and do not also require extensive measuring for the tile is already cut and must only be grouted to stay in place. Since the tile comes in squares, a single damaged tile can be replaced without replacing the whole covering. Only a part can be removed and grouted to replace the damaged tile.

When it comes to cleaning, ceramic is easy to clean and simple to maintain. An uncomplicated mopping will do since it is usually smooth and shiny on the surface. Water or diluted soap on a moist cloth or sponge is recommended for better clean results. The use of acids and oil is rejected because acid washes away the shine while oil makes it slippery to walk on. When it comes to durability, tile doesn’t tear easily even when it is hit by a hard object such as a fallen display from a higher surface such as a cabinet. However, when hammered, it will crack.

For most health conscious people, it is considered hygienic. Dust and other pollens won’t be absorbed by a tile unlike carpets so allergic people are safe even if they stay on the place where tile is used. It is ultraviolet rays resistant for the tile color doesn’t fade when exposed to sunlight. Instead, it is energy efficient. For example, when it is summer, the tile remains cool if not exposed to direct heat thus keeping the floor cold.

Sometimes, water throws up in the floor surface unexpectedly. Ceramic tile can be mopped and let dry without getting a dryer. Perhaps, one of the special advantages is that it is resistant to stains. Stains caused by soda or mud do not stay after you have mopped it. Meanwhile, due to different sizes, they seem to make the room larger when bigger dimensions are used. It tends to create illusion of a spacious place. As mainly clay, tile is not combustible and is fire resistant. Even if flame catches a tile, it won’t burn really because it is not made of flammable materials.

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