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Stone Tiles – Best Flooring Option

If you are confused about the flooring of your new house, go for the most assured option natural stone tiles. These are one of the best flooring materials a homeowner can invest and count on. Stone tiles are beautiful and have incredible durability.

Building a house is often a massive undertaking, and so is the experience immensely rewarding. Buying a house may cut out all the hassle involved with building one. However, homeowners who want their dream house to be perfect and would never compromise or settle for anything else like to do it themselves. From an image in your mind to a sketch on a paper to the laying of the foundation to the walls and roof and paint, it is indeed watching your dream materializing, brick by brick.

There are hundreds of choice of designs you can build your house with. Villas, bungalows, castle, chalet, cottage, French colonial, mansion, post modern, ranch etc. are few to name. You could also think of designing your house depending on the location, space available, budget, your choice etc. While you are building a house, it is important that you work on the detailing of the house like walls, floors, furniture and so on, as much as you focus on the design. Your hard work on the design could still go to waste if the house has bad quality flooring or unattractive texture on the walls.

A great idea to ensure the strength and durability of the floor and at the same time endow your house with a stately charm is to go for stone tiles. You can choose from a wide range of stone tile types including quartz tiles, granite tiles, mosaic tiles, limestone tiles, marble tiles, sandstone tiles, ceramic tiles and many more. Stone tiles are recommended by expert architects and builders for several reasons:

* They are extremely durable.
* They require very less maintenance.
* Their beauty is timeless.
* There are almost endless choices you can choose from.
* Most of them are easy to install and so on.

Apart from indoors, you can use stone tiles on the outdoors as well. They are the best when it comes to paving or landscaping. A well paved backyard with stone tiles like sandstone and a proper landscaping can never fail to enhance the overall appeal of your house. You can install them and forget about them, focussing your attention on other delicate corners of your home. The durability of stone tiles is one that you can totally rely on, in the long run, nor will their texture fade.

Sourcing stone tiles is practically affordable as well. Durable and affordable, they are a good choice for a wise homeowner. Keeping in mind the functionality and practicality of stone tiles, you could even say that they are the best option around. Building your house using them would be environment friendly too. As said, they require least maintenance and their elegance is long lasting. These attributes make stone tiles a good option.

Finding stone tiles for your floor has become easy. Even if you live in an area that has no dealer of stone tiles, you can find hundreds of them on the Internet, without even having to step out of your room. With so many websites that provide stone tiles and other flooring materials, you can surely get the right tile design and material for your house. You can start by evaluating where exactly you want the tile to go in for instance, on the floors of your rooms or on the garden as pavement etc. Get your budget decided. This is important and the rest of your search and purchase will depend on it too. Before buying the stone tiles, research on the sellers, find out which site has the most option, best quality and deals.

Just like other items are offered in the market, you can find sales and other lucrative deals if you look around. While searching for the beast supplier of stone tiles, you should go for the one that brings you the materials direct from the source, this will help cut down expenses considerably. Remember, it is your home that you are building, so settle for nothing but the best and invest wisely.

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Using Stone Floor Tiles In Your Home

Stone floor tiles look fantastic and they can even improve with age. They are easy to maintain, healthier than carpet and are perfect for anyone suffering from dust mite allergies because the mites dont live on stone flooring.

Stone floor tiles even add value to your home and with a wide variety of stones to choose from, they are a wise flooring choice.

Limestone is a popular choice for bathrooms and kitchens. Often a warm, soft beige colour, limestone can also be found in other colours.

Granite is great for anywhere that needs a hardwearing surface it can be used as a kitchen work top too for this reason. Granite is a gorgeous grey colour and looks fabulous. Slate is also a lovely grey and often used for kitchen areas. Not all slate is coloured grey though and there are green and purple varieties available if you prefer.

Polished marble tiles look great in any formal area (which is why it can be seen in five star hotels such as The Dorchester in London). Honed marble (a matt finish) is more suited for less formal areas and is easier to look after than polished marble as it doesnt show up scratches so much.

One natural floor type that can be confused with marble is Travertine which is actually a limestone. It is however widely known as a marble. It has naturally occurring holes in the surface that can be filled with resin or grout to smooth the tiles off if you want, however you will lose some of the natural charm by doing so.

Sandstone is the natural choice for outdoor tiles. They are non-slip and so perfect for pool areas or for pathways. Usually a warm yellow colour, they brighten up any area.

Whether you are using your natural floor tiles indoors or considering them as outdoor tiles, they will certainly enhance your property and add that touch of class.

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Do-It-Yourself stone pavers



Paul Mejia has been involved with do it yourself for 10 years. Supported by experienced finishers and a remarkable investment to excellent and durability, Master Hardscapes is your number-one option for excellent concrete and masonry. Our investment to excellent support service and client support is similar to our perseverance that every venture be accomplished to efficiency. We are extremely pleased of the work we do and of the solutions we provide and it reveals on the encounters of our many satisfied clients.  Here are some things to look at if you’re interested in renovating your lawn and adding stone pavers.


If you’ve ever designed your yard and put in a pathway or flagstone, cobblestones then you should be acquainted with stone pavers as that’s what the stones and cobblestones are categorized as when used in that way. There are many stone paver styles that you will see and organize into endless styles for a beautiful yard. These can be used for a position to recreation area your bbq grill or link the area from the house to your reveal. You can make pathways through your lawn or a direction from the entry.


Stone pavers have lots of uses and they are much better than using easy tangible. With stone pavers they are free to shift with the earth as they are little and aren’t mortared in position. Usually they are presented together with a sand product. Other times they lay there on their own. It will depend on the paver and how you are using it. Pavers are less costly to set up; however you can still invest a large amount of on certain types of stone paver.


Installation is uncomplicated if you want to do it yourself. Just choose out the type of paver you want to use and then sketch up a style. You will need to take away a lot of dirt so be ready for that type of surroundings. This could need a Bobcat to dig up the dirt. Choosing the pavers can be complicated if you’re looking at a surroundings lawn full of them. The costs have serious shifts with regards to the content, blue-stone being the most costly.


Brick looks the best regardless of what type of style you decide on. It’s also the most affordable way to go. Once you level the earth and lay your dirt obstacle you can begin to set the stones. Once you have them all in position you just sweep more dirt over them to complete the breaks. Wash it down to get the dirt to negotiate and keep doing this until the sand prevents reducing. Then you have your very own do-it-yourself stone pavers set up and there to savor for decades to come.


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Information on Natural stone tiles for wall tile and floor tile applications.

There are many design combinations with natural stone tiles and home owners can use natural stone tiles on both walls and floors, certain materials of natural stone make excellent bathroom and kitchen wall tiles and they will certainly add both glamour and design style. There is also the option to use natural stone tiles as both wall tiles and floor tiles which will follow the design of your bathroom through beautifully.

There are certain materials which fall into the natural stone tile group and the different types all have their own special unique qualities and features.

Granite tiles really are a beautiful material suitable as both wall tiles and floor tiles; granite has a granular appearance adding style and elegance. Granite tiles are suitable as a flooring material and they come in a wide range of shades depending on your preferences. Granite floor tiles are used very successfully accompanied with granite wall tiles and in bathrooms areas this creates a real flowing design style which makes the floor tile design flow beautifully into the wall tile design.

Slate flooring has been popular for many years and is a very durable tile that is non slip, again this is paramount for bathrooms areas and as well as the superb functionality slate floor tiles offer, they are beautiful floor tiles. There are many places where slate wall tiles can be used and they are common in kitchens and bathrooms. Slate wall tiles are not particularly difficult to install and they will complement the existing decor beautifully. Slate tiles are often used as floor tiles in kitchens and bathrooms, on backsplash areas in kitchens and wall tiles. The darker shades of slate floor tiles are really popular because darker grout shades can be used, making them ideal for busy areas within the home.

Limestone tiles are supplied normally in lighter shades and are popular choices for bathrooms where the light shades add real character to bathroom areas. Limestone is a sedimentary rock and its appearance is characteristic of its development process. Limestone tiles are usually used as wall tiles especially in bathroom areas and come in a range of light shades in which to choose from. They are not used as floor tiles as often simply because they will need sealing especially in bathroom areas. Limestone tiles will add beauty and character to areas around the home and their natural characteristics bring in a natural ambience into the home.

Marble tiles have also been used for centuries most notably by the Romans and Greeks as a form of decoration. Marble tiles come in different sizes and forms such as marble mosaic tiles. Marble tiles are used as both wall tiles and floor tiles and they are available in different finishes with certain finishes being more suitable for flooring materials. Marble tiles can make great additions to both bathrooms and kitchens are known for offering a very chic sophisticated design style.

Travertine is a very popular tile that continues to gain in popularity for the advantages it offers, as well as the design function, travertine tiles will add beauty to any area where it is used. Travertine floor tiles are incredibly durable and it has been used as a building material for years. Travertine flooring is suitable for busy areas of the home such as the kitchen areas. Travertine is generally available in warm tones that will blend in and suit any existing decor beautifully.



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Ceramic and Natural stone tiles used on Floors

Ceramic Tiles have been popular for years and now come in a wide variety of colours and designs; ceramic Tiles are extremely strong and durable and make great additions to both kitchen and bathrooms floors, although they can of course be used on walls also. Ceramic floor tiles are very cost effective in comparison to other tiles and will add real value and style to any kitchen or bathroom. If used on floors it will almost certainly be advised to seal, sealed tiles are then protected from any stains, spillages or accidents. Sealing of the tiles will last quite a few years before it may need to be done again but the advantages are huge.

Ceramic Tiles are also great for areas where there is moisture and they are of course easy to clean and maintain which is vital in areas such as kitchens and bathrooms. Ceramic Tile designs vary hugely and there will almost certainly be a tile that suits your personal preferences and the existing decor.

Natural stone tiles are also a great tile for floors in kitchens especially; some home owners also opt for natural stone tiles in the bathroom area where they will add both elegance and style.  The advantages of natural stone tiles are plentiful; they are an incredibly durable tile which makes them ideal for busy areas where there will almost certainly be spillages, knocks and accidents. Natural stone tiles are also very easy to clean and come in a range of materials. Limestone and marble are both popular materials although marble will work out more expensive in comparison to other natural stone materials.  Other stone materials include travertine, sandstone and slate and all these materials are all considered suitable for the home.

Some stone materials are porous and for this reason they will almost certainly need to be sealed to maintain the tile. Some stone materials will also require different installation to others and you can obtain this information from all good tile suppliers who will also be able to advise installers should you decide to have the job done professionally.

Natural stone can also be used on walls but there are certain materials that may not be suitable for this area because of the weight of the stone and again you will need to get the best advice on the most suitable stone tiles for particular areas.

Natural stone tiles and ceramic tiles make great additions to any kitchen and bathroom and done properly will certainly last the test of time.

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The Durability Of Ceramic Floor Tiles And Natural Stone Floor Tiles.


Ceramic floor tiles and Natural stone floor tiles are both known to be the most durable floor tile materials and are often the first choices in home design. The natural stone floor tile varieties are the more expensive option and this will make a difference to your choice if you are working to a tight budget. Many home owners like the idea of investment when installing natural stone floor tiles and they will add both beauty, style and value to the home.

Ceramic floor tiles are equally as durable but the one main difference between natural stone and ceramic is the price. Ceramic floor tiles are a cheap floor tile solution when you consider what they offer in terms of durability and design style.

Natural stone floor tiles come in many tile material choices such as marble tiles and granite tiles and each one has their own unique characteristics. Marble floor tiles for example have the characteristic vein thread like appearance running through each tile and this is particularly prominent in the black marble tile variety. Many Home owners like the idea of the variation that can occur between each tile and with natural stone, there may be many variations from tile to tile, which often only adds to the overall finish.

Ceramic floor tiles have more of a uniformed appearance style with little variations in each tile, many home owners like this flowing design but the choice between natural stone and ceramic tiles is often a personal choice.

The durability of ceramic tile and natural stone tile is excellent but if you had to choose a more durable tile, natural stone can be a little more durable than ceramic mainly because they are often thick dense tiles that will not break easily.

Ceramic tiles and natural stone tiles will almost certainly both need sealing but natural stone floor tiles have to be sealed prior to installation and after installation to ensure they are protected from damage. Ceramic floor tiles seal slightly easier with a less complex procedure required.

Ceramic floor tiles are also available in many design choices with many styles impersonating the natural stone varieties such as wood effect tiles. This gives home owners the chance to have a cheap floor tile with the look of natural stone which gives home owners the best of both worlds.

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Stone Tile Floor Cleaning Information

When you have a floor that is something other than carpeting, there are many benefits to be enjoyed and also many responsibilities to uphold when it comes to stone tile floor cleaning and maintenance. It is important to keep these types of flooring clean, just as it is for carpeted floors. This is not only for aesthetic reasons, but also for sanitary reasons. Homes with small children living in them, especially children who play on those floors, should always be kept impeccably clean and in good shape.

If you have tile or stone floors, you should always make sure that you wipe up all spills immediately. Standing moisture damages these floors and can also permanently discolor them if the spills are of liquids such as juices, coffee, tea or wine. Make sure that you use a neutral cleaner or stone soap to clean floors that are travertine tile. Your cleaning agent needs to be applied using a soft sponge or cloth that is not abrasive, and you should quickly follow behind with a dry mop. Be careful not to use too much cleaning product, because it is going to produce streaks on your tile and may eventually cause a film build up.

Be very careful with toiletries, beauty products and any and all liquids that are used in the home that can spill onto floors. Use coasters when necessary. This is especially true when you have stone or tile counter tops. Placing mats in your entryways will protect your floors from scratches and marks, chips and gouges caused by sand and abrasive dirt that comes into the home from shoes. Request that everyone take their shoes off at the entryways too; hall runners and area rugs also help to protect these types of floors.

It is important that you dont underestimate the importance of keeping as much dirt, debris and dust off of your floors as possible. Many people just do not realize the impact that even a trivial amount of debris can have on the integrity of stone and tile flooring. When even the tiniest amount of sand, rock and dirt falls off of shoes and onto the floor, it gets dragged by other people walking on it and other natural movement that occurs in a home. In a very short amount of time, tile and stone flooring will suffer from thousands of very obvious tiny scratches, and when you have thousands of tiny scratches it can be worse than a few large ones. It is easy to perform proper floor cleaning to keep your stone and tile in top shape for many years, looking beautiful and maintaining the aesthetic attractiveness of your entire home.

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Floor tiles and Natural stone tiles.

There are many wall tile choices and the list is endless, home owners are never stuck for choice and variety, in fact the one problem that may arise is choosing the material you would like. More and more home owners are turning their hand to tiling and renovating projects to cut installation costs and because they enjoy the challenge and the creativity of designing their own kitchen or bathroom.

The usual choices and the most popular wall tiles are ceramic tiles and porcelain tiles and both are good choices for bathroom areas as well as wall tiles and floor tiles but if you want something a little different, some natural stone tiles can be installed on walls with fantastic results.

The most important aspect of installing natural stone tiles on the walls is to get as much advice as you can and all good tile stores and manufacturers will be happy to offer vital advice. The surface of the walls has to be suitable in order to install natural stone wall tiles and the weight of the natural stone plays a very important part in the installation process.

The grout you use should always be suitable for the natural stone wall tiles you are installing and all good tile stores will be able to advise on this.

Granite tiles are extremely beautiful tiles and work really well on kitchen countertops, backsplash areas and pool areas. Granite tiles can also be installed on kitchen and bathroom walls but the thickness of the tiles will affect the weight and you need to seek advice from any good tile store. There is no mistaking that granite tiles are a thing of beauty and will be a great addition to your home by adding warmth, beauty and real elegant style.

Marble is one of the most expensive natural stone tiles but will add beauty and style to any home but there are places that marble tiles are not suitable for. Marble tiles work well on some surfaces in the kitchen such as countertops and some types of marble can be used as floor tiles. Marble tiles will stain and mark more easily than other tile options and the maintenance is higher, for this reason they are not really used as wall tiles or installed in bathrooms over large areas.

Slate tiles are a great addition to the bathroom and kitchen and can be used on floors, countertops and as wall tiles. The beautiful shades of slate will add a real earthy feel.

Travertine tiles have a classic look and feel and work well in bathrooms and kitchens, travertine tiles are very versatile tiles that can be sued in many places such as bathrooms, kitchens, on countertops and floors.

Always shop around and check any tile material choices with the manufacture, ensure that they are suitable for installation on walls and floors and always follow all guidelines and instructions on the manufacturer’s guidelines before use.

Natural stone tiles can make excellent wall tiles and add real style and design to any home as well as adding warmth and elegance.



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