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Tips and tricks to follow during home cleaning

Cleaning your house to get a fresh feeling definitely involves doing some dirty jobs. The following ideas will make it easier for you to carry out the dirty jobs quickly and less frequently. Dust can be easily controlled by readjusting the humidity level of your house. The reason behind this is low levels of humidity can cause static electricity. In addition to attracting dust, static electricity makes the dust to stick; thereby making it difficult to clean.

Problems are caused through maintaining a high humidity level too, as it makes an ideal environment for attracting dust mites. This can make the entire home cleaning task quite difficult. Dust mite is a common allergen and is responsible for the production of dust. It is ideal to maintain the humidity level between 40% and 50% to eliminate the stain and reduce the growth of dust mite. To ensure that your home’s vent is dust-free, wash it at least once in a year. Apply a coat of wax after the vents are clean and dry.

You can even try to eliminate the soap scum by providing a coat of rain repellent product available for the cars’ windshields onto the doors of the glass shower. By applying the product on the glass shower, you end up creating an invisible barrier that causes the oil, water as well as the debris to bead and fall off. The rain repellent product is available at any store selling essential auto supplies. The coat can be reapplied when water does not bead on the shower doors.

You can even try an automatic shower cleaner that makes the home cleaning task much easier. It makes sure that you will have to clean the shower and tub only once in 30 days. The product basically douses the tub as well as the shower with a cleanser that prevents the buildup of the soap scum while attacking mildew and mold. The shower cleaners are available in retail shops, like Wal-Mart, Target, etc.

You need to seal your stone countertops mainly due to the reason that natural stone countertops, like marble and granite, are porous. As a result, fluids, like juice, soy sauce and even red wine can stain them if they are not sealed appropriately. A countertop sealer repels the stains by beading them off rather than absorbing them. Re-apply the sealer twice in a year to keep the counter tops in good condition. If you feel that a fresh coat is required, you can always check it by pouring a bit of water on the countertop that is made of natural stone. If the water fails to bead or cannot stay beaded for around 2 to 3 minutes, then it is the time to re-apply the seal.

You can always opt for a house cleaning service in case you are allergic to dust and unable to carry out the cleaning task on a regular basis. A house cleaning service is carried out by professional service providers and you don’t have to worry about anything else.

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DIY Closet Tips and Tricks

Fixing up your closet can be fun and rewarding.  Because you know your own habits and desires, the results of a do-it-yourself closet job can be better than if you had hired a professional closet organizer.  Use these tips and tricks to get you started.  There are plenty of things to think of and feel free to use all of your creativity to make your closet one that you will truly love to use.  You don’t have to spend a lot to get a lot, either.  Closet organization can be a fun, rewarding and economical experience that has a big impact on your life.

1)  Determine what you use your closet for most.  Some people use their closets mainly for storage while others use them in place of a dresser in their bedroom.  Categorizing items in your closet will help you to start to develop ideas about how much space you will need for each type of item.

2)  If you’re using your closet for storage, then you need to keep the things inside of it safe.  Cedar closet liners, cedar wood hangers, and other cedar products are great for closets.  Cedar absorbs moisture, neutralizes odors, and repels pests.  Use sturdy wooden hangers for coats, suits and dresses.  You may want to invest in some garment bags to protect things from dust.  If you don’t want to spend much money, you can get some inexpensive plastic shoulder covers to keep off the majority of the dust that might settle on your expensive coats and suits.

3)  If you use your closet mainly for your clothing, then you may want to take everything out and decide how much room you’ll need for each category.  You may have twenty pairs of pants, fifteen skirts, eight tank tops, four cardigans, and forty shirts.  Arrange things by length to free up some space below the shorter items.  You may want to use some cascading clothes hangers to coordinate outfits.  You can also use these hangers for hanging multiple pants, skirts, or tank tops on one hanger.

4)  Saving space is a good idea because theoretically, you want to end up with about 20% of the closet empty.  This leaves you room to maneuver and find what you need when you need it.  It also makes space for collecting items that you decide to give to charity, or for new items coming in.  Keeping a small stash of out of season clothing on hand will help you to avoid the dreaded mix up of summer and winter clothes.


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