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Ceramic tiles, porcelain tiles and mosaic tiles, a great choice for wall and floor surfaces

Ceramic tiles are basically clay tiles which have been cast into tile forms and baked in batch inside of a kiln, where heat solidifies the clay once and for all. Makers use a glaze on the tile that can help to protect it from water and scrapes, then they fire the clay inside of a kiln to firm it.

Ceramic tiles are a extremely popular floor covering, and a lot of home owners opt for the ceramic tiles to put in within their bathrooms and kitchens.

Ceramic tiles are especially ideal for underfloor heatings because of their capability to store and conduct heat. The even heat distribution helps you to save on heating fees and as a result of a decreased air flow, significantly less dust is risen.

Ceramic tiles have been created for thousands of years to embellish the floors, walls, as well as ceilings of important constructions, from temples to pyramids. Ceramic tiles have got a sealed surface area fired at high temperature ranges.

General contractors use ceramic tiles on construction projects that stipulate a floor covering surface which is long lasting and durable.

Inside, home owners can make use of ceramic tiles and vitrified tiles for the exact same purposes, just like flooring and counter surfaces. Outside the house, on the other hand, water will become a key element in cold environments, due to the fact only a bit of moisture content can freeze during winter months and fracture the tile.

Any glazed or unglazed ceramic tile that soaks up more than 3% moisture content is inappropriate for external use in environments wherever freezing conditions can happen.

You are able to use these ceramic tiles for your back splash, counter tops, bathrooms, and so forth. If you would like to enhance your home attractively, here you’ve got a great deal of ceramic tiles which have fantastic colours and finishes; here you can get ceramic tiles that has a bright, washed, matte and non slip surface area.

Stone tiles for example polished travertine, granite, and marble can be incredibly slippery when the are wet. Ceramic tiles to be used in wet areas can be produced a lot more slip resistant either by making use of really small tiles in order for the grout lines serves as grooves or by imprinting a contour pattern on the face of your tile.

Ceramic and porcelain generally have several all round colourings and designs. Even though ceramic may very well be glazed to make different surface area colours or styles, porcelain is generally kept unglazed.

Ceramic tiles can be used to just about any surface area, such as either painted and incomplete drywall. They are able to make just about any space look good. They’re not going to burn up or feed to a fire in the slightest. They can be undoubtedly the easiest way to cover the wall surfaces and floor surfaces of any bathroom. Ceramic tiles could be installed by a skilled do-it-yourselfer.

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Information on Natural stone tiles for wall tile and floor tile applications.

There are many design combinations with natural stone tiles and home owners can use natural stone tiles on both walls and floors, certain materials of natural stone make excellent bathroom and kitchen wall tiles and they will certainly add both glamour and design style. There is also the option to use natural stone tiles as both wall tiles and floor tiles which will follow the design of your bathroom through beautifully.

There are certain materials which fall into the natural stone tile group and the different types all have their own special unique qualities and features.

Granite tiles really are a beautiful material suitable as both wall tiles and floor tiles; granite has a granular appearance adding style and elegance. Granite tiles are suitable as a flooring material and they come in a wide range of shades depending on your preferences. Granite floor tiles are used very successfully accompanied with granite wall tiles and in bathrooms areas this creates a real flowing design style which makes the floor tile design flow beautifully into the wall tile design.

Slate flooring has been popular for many years and is a very durable tile that is non slip, again this is paramount for bathrooms areas and as well as the superb functionality slate floor tiles offer, they are beautiful floor tiles. There are many places where slate wall tiles can be used and they are common in kitchens and bathrooms. Slate wall tiles are not particularly difficult to install and they will complement the existing decor beautifully. Slate tiles are often used as floor tiles in kitchens and bathrooms, on backsplash areas in kitchens and wall tiles. The darker shades of slate floor tiles are really popular because darker grout shades can be used, making them ideal for busy areas within the home.

Limestone tiles are supplied normally in lighter shades and are popular choices for bathrooms where the light shades add real character to bathroom areas. Limestone is a sedimentary rock and its appearance is characteristic of its development process. Limestone tiles are usually used as wall tiles especially in bathroom areas and come in a range of light shades in which to choose from. They are not used as floor tiles as often simply because they will need sealing especially in bathroom areas. Limestone tiles will add beauty and character to areas around the home and their natural characteristics bring in a natural ambience into the home.

Marble tiles have also been used for centuries most notably by the Romans and Greeks as a form of decoration. Marble tiles come in different sizes and forms such as marble mosaic tiles. Marble tiles are used as both wall tiles and floor tiles and they are available in different finishes with certain finishes being more suitable for flooring materials. Marble tiles can make great additions to both bathrooms and kitchens are known for offering a very chic sophisticated design style.

Travertine is a very popular tile that continues to gain in popularity for the advantages it offers, as well as the design function, travertine tiles will add beauty to any area where it is used. Travertine floor tiles are incredibly durable and it has been used as a building material for years. Travertine flooring is suitable for busy areas of the home such as the kitchen areas. Travertine is generally available in warm tones that will blend in and suit any existing decor beautifully.



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The versatility of ceramic wall and floor tiles.

There are two aspects to consider when choosing wall tiles and floor tiles, the versatility of the tile and the suitability for the room and the design factors. We need a tile that looks good but is practical, hardwearing and easy to maintain. The maintenance of tiles is especially important if you have a family home and time is short because high maintenance tiles will certainly be harder work in the long run.

The style and design of floor tiles and wall tiles is also a big factor because we need a tile material that has lots of design choice. We are all different in the design we choose and this is largely down to personal preferences, having a wide choice in which to choose from gives us a larger scope when planning and designing a kitchen or bathroom.

Ceramic wall tiles and ceramic floor tiles are probably one of the most versatile tiles that offer all of the above, they are versatile, strong and incredibly durable and now come in a wide selection of design choice. There are different finishes of ceramic tiles, some have a polished finish; others have more of a matte finish. The polished variety especially is ideal for bathroom themes and they will add elegance and style as well as being easy to clean and maintain.

There are many different patterns that can be achieved with ceramic tiles and there are different sized tiles that can be installed together in the form of a pattern on floors especially. The basket and weave pattern are just a couple of designs that can be used on the floors that will create different looks and finishes.

Ceramic tiles can also be used in many other places around the home,  hallways, entryways and living areas can all be tiled using ceramic tiles. Although the living area is a less common room to tile, many home owners like the practicality of floor tiles in this area which can add a real modern and minimalistic look and feel.

Ceramic tiles are ideal wall tiles and floor tiles, they also make great additions to backsplash areas and kitchen countertop tiles. Many home owners now use tiles for their countertops and ceramic tiles are an ideal option because they are very strong and durable as well as being heat proof, this ensures they will not stain easily.

Ceramic tiles are no longer confined to neutral plain shades and the choice is now wide with many new designs now on the market.

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Ceramic wall tiles for beautiful homes

Tiles of ceramic are today much sought after pieces of clay used for home beautification at various areas like kitchen, bathroom, living area, lobby and gardens etc. They are not only used in flooring but these tiles which come in various colors, patterns and designs are adorning the walls of the home too. The word ‘ceramic’ has its origin from the Greek term ‘keramos’ which means pottery or ‘burnt stuff’ while ‘tile’ is derived from a French word ‘tuile’ meaning baked clay roof tile. The history and use of tiles is about 4000 years old but today also there popularity is no less.

What are ceramic wall tiles?

The ceramic wall tiles are different from that of ceramic floor tiles. Though floor tiles can be used on walls but wall tiles cannot be used on floor. Wall tiles are made from a mixture called ‘slip’ comprising of dried, crushed clay and water. The resultant liquid clay is then molded in different sizes and shapes in the molds. They are covered with glaze before subjected to high temperatures. These ‘slip’ wall tiles are thin and porous in nature.They are available in geometric, floral, hand painted and three-dimensional forms which when pieces together in different combinations can form spectacular contemporary patterns.

Ceramic Glazed Wall Tiles

Glazed ceramic tiles are commonly used for walls and floors in both homes and offices as they are water resistant, durable, scratch resistant, stain resistant, fire-proof, fade proof and easy to clean and maintain. There are three types of ceramic glazed wall tiles:

Glossy glazed tiles:

They are thin, brittle and slick when wet. They cannot be used on floor as they can chip and crack Crackled glazed tiles: These ceramic wall tiles are fragile and cracks on such tiles go down through the glaze. They are not approved for floors as they can chip, collect dirt and stains.

Matte glazed tiles:

Better for walls, matte glazed tiles have a matte finish and can be used on floor only for very less traffic spaces.The wall tiles are available in both small and large sizes. The basic is to use small tiles for small spaces whereas bigger for large spaces. Generally in kitchen and bathrooms half wall is tiled. Though there is no such set rule, you can play with your ideas and can go for full wall tiling in different combinations with floor. You can choose on designs and pattern according to the size and appearance of your room or any other tiling area. There are many options available in the market to suit your needs.


Ceramic wall tiles are very cost effective than their stone or marble counterparts. In comparatively less expenditure you can make beautiful and elegant home.

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Choosing wall and floor tiles

Choosing wall tiles and floor tiles can create a dilemma, with so many tile materials, styles and designs, home owners certainly have lots of choice. The first aspect of choosing wall and floor tiles is the suitability for the room you are installing them in and there are certain aspects to consider. If you are installing floor tiles in a high traffic area such as the kitchen then it is a must to opt for a strong and durable tile that has low maintenance levels.

If you are redecorating the bathroom area, any wall tiles and floor tiles you choose need to be suitable for areas where there is water and moisture. It is also really important that they are easy to clean and maintain.

Marble tiles are popular and there is no doubt that they have an elegant presence, however they are not often installed on kitchen floors because they are a higher maintenance tile and if your kitchen is a busy family kitchen, it may be more suitable to opt for an alternative tile material. Marble tiles can be used in small areas of the kitchen such as borders and small islands in the centre of the kitchen and if you have an area that you want to make a real focal point of, marble tiles are great at bringing elegance and style. Marble mosaics are also great and will work really well with other tile combinations.

Ceramic tiles are ideal solutions for walls and floors; they are strong, durable and easy to clean. Many home owners find there to be an abundance of style and design when looking for ceramic tiles and they are certainly a tile that will last the test of time.

Many natural stone combinations work well in kitchens and bathrooms but some types of natural stone are not really suitable for particularly wet areas. Natural stone floor tiles will make an impressive addition to kitchens and there are many different types in which to choose from. Slate tiles in particular are good, strong tiles that are very popular at the moment and the darker shades work really well on kitchen floors.

Glass tiles are also a tile that is strong, durable and will make an impression in both kitchens and bathrooms. Glass tiles work well on backsplash areas, around baths, showers and as borders. Glass tiles come in various colours and shades and can make a room appear larger because they reflect the light really well and for this reason they are excellent for smaller rooms and awkward spaces. Glass tiles are very durable and the colour will remain bright and new looking because it is applied during the manufacturing process unless you opt for hand painted tiles which will give the home owner a wider choice of design, hand painted Glass tiles may fade if harsh chemicals are applied often.

Quarry tiles are gaining in popularity and work really well on kitchen floors and hallways where there is a high level of traffic because they are strong and durable, quarry tiles come in rich reds and browns which work really well in traditional and modern settings.

Always consider your tile choices wisely to ensure they are ideal for the place they are being installed, this ensures that your tiles will last for many years and will stay looking as good as new.


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Advantages of ceramic wall and floor tiles.

There are advantages and disadvantages to all tile materials and ceramic tiles are no different, one of the main advantages of the ceramic tiles is that it is suitable for both wall tile and floor tile installation and they come in a fantastic range of colours, styles and sizes, this ensures that there is a ceramic tile that will suit all tastes and environments.  The other massive advantage is the durability and strength that ceramic tile offers, they will certainly nor break easily and they will last a lifetime, they are incredibly easy to clean making them great for family homes where time is short but home owner still want a fantastic designed floor area.

Ceramic wall and floor tiles are also resistant to almost every substance you can think of as well as being heat resistant, they are scratch proof, frost proof and they are incredibly slip resistant which makes them ideal for bathroom and kitchen areas where there is likely to be water and moisture.

Ceramic wall and floor tiles are now available in a wide range of colours and styles and their colour will not fade even when in direct sunlight, often home owners are concerned that over time the colour and quality of their floor tiles may degenerate but ceramic floor and wall tiles do a good job of holding onto their colour brightness.

There are also many ways in which ceramic tiles can be installed, ceramic floor tiles can be arranged in many different pattern forms which gives home owners the chance to have a unique and individual floor tile design. There are an abundance of ceramic floor tile patterns on the internet such as the basket pattern that is an alternative to installing the floor tiles in a standard row pattern.

Ceramic floor tiles are also very durable and great for decorating kitchens and bathrooms; they can be installed on the body of the bathroom wall, around the shower and bath areas with great success.

The ease at which ceramic wall tiles and floor tiles can be cleaned and maintained is also a massive advantage and having a tile that is easy to clean is really important for busy home areas.

The kitchen is one room that is used all the time and wall tiles are naturally going to become soiled but regular cleaning of ceramic tiles ensures they stay looking fresh and clean. There are many ceramic tile cleaners on the market that are suitable for all eventualities from cleaning heavily soiled tiles to more regular cleaning, always ensure any product you use is suitable for the tile material you are cleaning.

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Porcelain floor tiles and wall tiles.

Porcelain floor tiles will be commonly seen over larger expanses of floor in large shopping centres and places where a hard durable tile is necessary. Porcelain tiles are largely strong and durable due to the manufacturing process they go through and this is what makes them so popular over large expanses of floor.

Porcelain tiles have a large design and style choice which gives home owners the chance to find a style and design that suits the decor within the home and their personal preferences. Porcelain tiles have been used for years as a flooring material but their design and style choices were once quite limited, over the last decade however advancements in technologies have brought forward new and innovative tile designs.

Porcelain tile are incredibly strong, they are virtually scratch proof, heat resistant, stain proof and they are also frost proof.  Porcelain floor tiles also have a very low absorbency rate which means they will not absorb moisture easily, they are also very easy to clean and maintain and there are many cleaning solutions which are ideal for porcelain floor tiles. Some floor tile materials such as many natural stone tile materials are susceptible to damage when certain substances are used but porcelain tiles will not become damaged easily which makes hem incredibly attractive to home owners for both wall tiles an floor tile installation.

It is very acceptable and great design to have both porcelain wall tiles and porcelain floor tiles in one room. The advantages of porcelain wall tiles are much the same as floor tiles and they offer the home owner both fantastic functionality and design solutions.

There are both glazed porcelain tiles and unglazed porcelain tiles and this can confuse home owners a little.

There are a few differences that home owners should be aware of but it is always best to check with the manufacturer or the tile store you purchase the tiles from to ensure you know the exact type of tile you have purchase and their functionalities.

Glazed porcelain tiles are incredibly strong and durable and no holes are usually present as any holes are filled, they will certainly not stain and have a very low absorbency rate. The unglazed variety may be more slip resistant than the glazed varieties but both glazed and unglazed varieties are very strong durable tiles that offer great functionality for the home owner.

Although porcelain tiles are generally described as frost resistant, there may be some varieties that are not and this aspect must be checked before purchase to ensure you have the right tile.

Porcelain tiles whether for floor tile or wall tile application make great additions to the home and they will offer both functionality and design style, they will last the test of time and are easy to clean and maintain which is very important for busy homes.


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Bathroom wall tiles and floor tile choices.

The most important aspect of choosing floor tiles is the material you choose. If you are working towards a budget this will also play a huge role and the size of the area you are tiling is also important. There are many floor tile options in which to choose from and all good tile stores have an abundance of tile materials, styles and designs in which to look at. The first aspect is to visit some good tile stores and make a choice on the material you would like.

Bathrooms are wet and moist areas and it is always important to choose a tile that is ideal for wet areas. Ceramic wall tiles and porcelain wall tiles are the first tile materials that come to mind because they are ideal for bathroom areas. Glass wall tiles are also excellent choices although they are a little more expensive than other tile materials but they can be confined to certain areas such as the shower, around the bath and backsplash areas. Glass mosaic borders also work well combined with other tile materials.

Natural stone tile varieties cover a large selection of tiles including travertine tiles, granite tiles, slate tiles, limestone tiles and marble tiles. In general natural stone tiles are the more expensive option but if the area you are tiling is reasonably a small area, natural stone solutions might be an ideal choice. Natural stone floor tiles can also be sourced at reasonable prices especially if the particular tile and style is no longer being produced. In this instance home owners need to ensure that the tile store has enough of the particular floor tile to complete the job and a little extra for breakages.

Marble tiles often remind us of chic, elegant spaces and marble certainly has the ability to really add chic and design.

Marble wall tiles can work well in certain areas. There is also the option to use mosaic marble tiles and again confine the marble tiles to certain areas to keep costs down.

The wall tile material you choose will also differ in the maintenance levels they require, marble tiles for instance are a higher maintenance tile that need to be cleaned and maintained regularly in order to keep them looking good. Ceramic wall tiles and porcelain wall tiles are versatile low maintenance tiles that are easy to clean and maintain.

Home owners are longer confined to design varieties and there are an abundance of choices in which to choose from. The first aspect is to visit a good tile store and get some inspiration and ideas before making your choice.




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